Perspectives on Fall Break

Taylor Vanhorn, Arts and Life Assistant Editor

The week that everyone dreads in the middle of the semester is midterms! The week full of tests, papers, and projects. In past years we could look forward to fall break shortly afterwards, which included having the weekend off along with the following Monday and Tuesday. This year fall break has changed. Instead of fall break immediately following Midterms, fall break will be the Thursday and Friday following Midterm week. 

Being a junior, I have always liked having a long weekend after Midterms. Midterms are always a very stressful time of the year for me, and I always have multiple tests and papers due. I loved having the long weekend to look forward to after having little to no sleep because of studying late at night and finishing papers at the last minute. 

I spoke with senior Mikayla Foster about her thoughts on the change of the dates of fall break. 

“As a soccer player, I actually like the change. For once in the four years of being at BVU, I will actually get to enjoy my fall break. Most people don’t know that the soccer players didn’t get a fall break when it was on Monday and Tuesday,” Foster said. 

After talking to Mikayla, I realized that I never really thought about the athletics here at BVU. It really opened my mind that even though I got to enjoy my fall break after a very stressful week that some other students on campus don’t get the opportunity. 

The biggest frustration that I am dealing with about fall break switching around is that there have been so many changes this year already and I feel like there are more coming. When all these changes are being made, is the administration really getting students’ input on what we want or what we would like to see?