The Jonas Brothers are Back!


photo courtesy of Jonas Brothers' Twitter

Hannah Kramer, Assistant Arts & Life Editor

Oh, how the tables have turned! In 2013, Oct. 29 to be exact, the Jonas Brothers split. The breakup of the boy band crushed the hearts of thousands of fans. Nick went off to write his own songs and albums, one of his most famous being “Jealous.” Joe formed a new band calledDNCE, which became world-famous. Kevin became a dad. All the brothers became successful on their own. Fans followed each of their journeys, hoping one day they would all reunite and release a song half as good as “Burnin’ Up.”  

Well as it turns out, Mar. 1, 2019, became that day. The Jonas Brothers have reunited after six long years and released their new hit, “Sucker.” The music video, which was released the same day their new hit came outshows that the boys have not lost their touch on flare. The music video gives a mad hatter vibe with bright colors and the brothers acting out parts instead of just singing. The music video also showcases Nick and Kevin’s wives: Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Danielle Jonas, respectively, as well as Joe’s fiancé Sophie Turner, who stars in the tv show “Game of Thrones.” If you haven’t seen the music video or heard their song, you need to. It gives all old fans a rush of nostalgia.  

The band has made appearances on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” and have also had a few performances. With tons of content being provided by them, fans are dying to know what is in store for the future. With promises of a new album and tour dates that will include the band preforming new and old songs, fans have blown up twitter and are ecstatic to see what the Jo Bros do next. The news of the reunion has hit BVU’s campus as well. Here are what some students had to say about it.  

Growing up listening to the Jonas Brothers, I feel that having them get back together actually kinda makes me feel like a little kid again,” said Gavin Plowman.  

“I’m really excited that they’re back together!” Sam Hawkins said.  

“I like it, they had some pretty good songs when they were together originally,” said Scott Leonard.  

“It’s crazy and unreal to think that the band I listened to when I was younger is now getting back together. It makes me feel old,” Charisma Mendez said.  

The Jonas Brothers have come together as a band once again and fans, including students here at BVU, are more than ecstatic that the reunion took place before the year 3000. It is truly one of the best come backs of the agesWith the Jonas Brothers reunited, we all have to wonder what other bands and boy bands could possibly come together in 2019.