2019 Senior Art Show

Hannah Kramer, Assistant Arts & Life Editor

The annual 2019 Senior Art Show in all its glory is on display in the Social Sciences and Arts Hall. The four seniors involved put tremendous effort into their pieces. Kayla Sweet emphasizes just exactly how much.

My entire process before finally going towards this project included hundreds of sketches, switching my project multiple times, and testing different processes. My goal was to incorporate thoughts from individuals and play on feelings of many people like greed or desire. I landed on this one [idea] because desire is an initial thought, and then moving forward from desire includes going on a journey to accomplish that want,” she says. 

Buena Vista University is a liberal arts college, taking pride in all work students accomplish and create. One way that is done is the Senior Art Show, which happens every year. The class of 2019 have their work shown from May 4th – May 23rdThis year Austin Dean, Kayla Sweet, Sarah Mueller, and Travis Heth, have their work displayed for campus to see.   

With artwork ranging from sculpture-like pieces to interactive pieces, Dean tells us it is A-Okay to press his button!

Hannah Kramer

Yes, you can push the button if you want to, that’s what buttons are for. Don’t feel [pressured] to push the button but push the button if you want to. Also, there is a QR code by my artist statement you may want to check out,” he adds.  

Sarah Mueller’s artwork showcases differentiated logo styles while Travis Heth showcases game design in addition to drawings. Some of the artists were inspired by other artists such as Saul Bass, while others were inspired by specific artwork.

I was inspired by interactive sculptures. In addition, my house has two mirrors facing one another. When someone walks in between them there is an infinite amount of that individual because of the repetitive reflection of the mirrors,” Sweet says 

 Each artist has something they want their viewers to take away from their work. Some of those key points are obvious while others are not. One important factor Sarah Mueller wants is to have people recognize resources Storm Lake has.  

My goal for my artwork is to make people fall in love with the Witter all over again and to recognize the valuable resource that Storm Lake has in its community,” Mueller states.

Hannah Kramer

With summer just around the corner, these seniors are ready to move on to their post college lives. In order to support them, many BVU students, will be attending the show. Photos could not do these pieces of art justice, so the final representation of their artwork can be found in the BVU art building.

We all worked extremely hard and [are] thankful for everyone who stops by to see it,” Sweet proudly smiles.