Musts at BVU

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Musts at BVU

Hannah Kramer, Arts & Life Editor

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Almost every place has a famous list of “must do’s.” This is a unique list specific to a location, consisting of activities that if you do not do, many others will tell you you’re missing out! For example, if you are in Paris, you must visit the Eiffel Tower. If you are at Disney, you must ride Space Mountain! You get the point. However, it is not only famous places or big attractions that are owners of “must do” lists. Buena Vista University has a must list, too!

Students chose to come to BVU for a multitude of reasons, but a common one is the fact this campus and it’s faculty feel like a second home and family. Once in Storm Lake and on campus, it doesn’t take long to discover the ins and outs of this diverse town. A popular attraction among BV’s campus culture would be musts at BVU. While attending this school, there are a variety of activities on this campus that Beavers must do in order to get the full experience.

“Play Bingo!” sophomore Tillie Heithoff listed as one of her top musts.

One event that occurs on campus frequently is dinner time Bingo in the forum. A game so many played in their childhood resurfaces to a whole new level. Attending and participating in bingo, usually sponsored by the Student Activities Board (SAB), is much more than just fun. Seeing your peers be competitive and bask in the excitement of winning is an experience you cannot get anywhere else.

One major must do at BVU is lawn golf, and you do not have to be athletic to play! Getting golf clubs and tennis balls from the Rec House, then proceeding to golf all over campus can take anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours. This tradition is particularly popular with upperclassmen.

I remember as a freshman hearing the name La Juanita’s and thinking to myself, “what is that?” I came to find out La Juanita’s, or La Juas, or La Las, is only the best place to get a burrito in town. Taking the short five minute drive to get to La Juas, located on the main strip, is so worth it. If I asked at least ten people if they knew what La Juanita’s was, nine out of ten would say yes. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out.

“Attend the football games, even if you don’t like or understand football,” Heithoff added.

College football is a big deal to say the least. Rivalry, cheering, and tailgating are traditions many love. Just like anywhere else, BVU students, alumni, and faculty get hyped for all the home games. Spending a couple of hours cheering with the cheerleaders, and standing in the student section with friends, is bound to make your Saturday worthwhile! The half time show is also worth watching, with the added feature of BVU’s new Marching Band. If you don’t understand football, you’ll learn, but the most important and fun part is making memories with your friends.

Join Clubs! There are so many amazing opportunities awaiting students on this campus. With over 65 student organizations and clubs, it would be pretty difficult for there not to be at least one to enjoy. Putting yourself out there allows you to meet new people and you never know how that could affect your time in college.

There are so many “musts” at BVU, and being only a sophomore, I have a lot of time to discover the rest. The few I named just touch the tip of the iceberg. Every place, no matter how big or small has a “must do” list. The “musts at BVU” are relevant to every student on campus, and like many would say, if you haven’t experienced the ones I’ve mentioned so far, you’re missing out.