Six Reasons Why Snow Sucks!

Allyssa Ertz, Editor-in-Chief

Yes, I’m aware. Snow’s coming, there’s no way around that. I don’t have to LIKE it, though. Snow SUCKS. Yeah, it’s pretty. No, I don’t care. Everything else about it, from a day-to-day life perspective, sucks. Especially in college. Here’s why.


1) The campus is one big slip-n-slide.


Well, I mean, at least I don’t have to pay to go to the ice skating rink, right? It’s basically outside waiting for me!


2) I have to wear at least three jackets and more than one layer of pants outside. You know how much laundry that creates?


I like summer. I can walk outside in a t-shirt and leggings. No, if I go outside in winter, it takes me ten more minutes to add my snowsuit to my body. Sophomore Quinn Hussey backs me up on this.


“I get twelve layers on and then I walk inside and I’m sweating instantly. It’s bad,” he adds.


3) Snow days are RARE.


It’s college, so, yeah I can walk across campus in my previously mentioned “snowsuit.” 12 inches of snow? Come to class!


4) My car is not ready at all times.


So, I like to jump in my car, quick get my errand(s) done, and go back to my room. Nope, not with snow! Let me just spend ten minutes warming up my car, ten more scraping ice off my windshield, and maybe even, if it’s like last year, trying to crack ice that has built up on my tires! And don’t even try driving…


5) My hands have more cracks than the Sahara (how ironic).


Oh, good, today my hands are finally moisturized. PSYCH! *negative degree weather laughs in my face*


6) Captain obvious: It’s cold.


No s***, Sherlock, snow is cold. But I’m sick of Elsa slapping me in the face every time I walk outside. Brrr!