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Olivia Wieseler
Hi everyone!  My name is Olivia, and I am a freshman double majoring in Digital Media and English.  I am one of the assistant editors for the Opinion section, and I am loving it!  Being a part of The Tack Online team has showed me a lot about myself.  I realized I like to write a lot more than I thought.  I love creating stories through all kinds of media, and I am getting a lot more experience in each through BVU’s Digital Media program and its extra-curricular activities.  I am also involved as a UCN special events producer and an apprentice leader for a non-denominational Christian organization called InterVarsity that is here on campus, in which I lead a study group called Group Investigating God (GIG).  Overall, I’m a pretty laid-back person, but am still extremely passionate about what I do and believe, and I like to use that passion in my writing.

Olivia Wieseler, Assistant Opinion Editor

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