BVU Safety Tips

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BVU Safety Tips

Hannah Kramer, Contributing Writer

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A new school year brings new students. The 2018-2019 school year has seen 204 freshmen join the Buena Vista University family. With so many new students it is understandable that some may not know everything about BVU’s campus, their new home. One thing every BVU student, new and old, should know is how to be safe on campus, and who is here to help them be so.  

Campus Security is the number one source to contact for anything students may need. Whether they need to change a tire, to drive a student to the store, or to simply walk a student to their dorm, Campus Security can and will do it all.  

“[We’re] here for the students,” said Bill Henrich, a senior campus security officer. 

The Campus Security Department is currently located in Swope Hall until the Forum renovations are finished. After that, they will be located in the Student Services Suite in the Harold Walter Sieben’s Forum. They are on duty 24 hours and can be contacted anytime at (712)-749-2500.   

“Don’t be afraid to call security at all, that’s what we’re here for,” Henrich said.   

In the event that a student is feeling uncomfortable or an emergency arises, students should know where the emergency blue phones are at. They are located in the parking lots around campus. To use them you simply press a button, and 911 with be contacted. Because they are to be used in serious situations, students should attempt to try to contact Campus Security first if possible. 

Another way to stay safe on campus is to be aware of your surroundings. If a student needs help finding their way around they can always ask a staff member or even an upperclassmen. Along with that students should take precaution walking around campus, especially at night. A safe way to do that is by using the buddy system, walk with a friend or two. Another way is to also contact Campus Security.   

“If you feel uncomfortable walking, we’ll escort you,” Henrich said.  

In addition to being safe on campus carrying a taser or pepper spray is a way to defend yourself and others if need be. Tasers can be bought at many stores and online, one of the cheaper ways to obtain one would be to purchase one off Amazon. Pepper spray can be purchased at multiple stores and online as well.  While pepper spray is legal in the state of Iowa, you have to carry a license to own a taser.

With today’s lifestyle integrated with technology, students can use their phones to ensure family and friends that they make it back to their dorms or suites safe and sound. One of the many apps that allow students to do that is called Companion, available for Apple and Android products. With this app students can add friends, aka companions, to their list. Whoever is on the companion list can also be invited to destinations. When the app user arrives to their destination, Companion sends a notification to their friends to ensure they made it safely.  The app has real time monitoring, and if anything goes wrong, the authorities are notified.  

Being safe, as well as keeping BVU safe, is important to students and staff alike. BVU is a fun and beautiful campus; keeping it secure is another way to ensure students and staff enjoy their time here. Students should also keep all of the resources they have here at BVU in mind.  

If students see any suspicious activity, they should report it and never be afraid to reach out for help.