The Shredder’s First Album Available Now!

Hannah Kramer, Arts & Life Editor

Job Saunders, a senior here at Buena Vista University has accomplished his first goal in his musical career. Over seven years in the making, Job Saunders’ first album has come to life! Shredder is the first album of its kind and was released to the Storm Lake community early on November 1st, 2019.

The Violin Shredder is the first artist to successfully implement violin into a variety of rock genres,” Saunders said.

The Shredder meet and greet was held on November 1st, 2019, in campus dining during lunch and dinner times. With Shredder having violin implementation into genres such as indie rock, folk rock, heavy metal, and alternative rock, it is revolutionary.  

At the young age of 4th Grade, Saunders had a budding interest in music. From beatboxing in the halls to picking up his first instrument; the violin. His passion would surely grow as he became olderPerforming in talent shows and learning how to play more instruments than just the violin would make him anything but a novice.  

It started first with my violin, which is my main instrument, and then I slowly started learning other instruments. I started picking up acoustic guitar, then piano. After that I just kind of took off from there and started like learning how to do bass and drums by myself, and [the] ukulele and mandolincajon, and others,” he said.  

Saunders’ biggest supporters have been his family, specifically his parents. Without them, Job claims he would not have had the opportunity to be here at BVU or have any of his instruments. Saunders’ advisor Dr. David Klee, Professor of Music and Director of Jazz Studies/Music Production, helped with the tools needed for Saunders’ production. Without these supporters Shredder may not have been possible.  

The production of Shredder began in high school, flourishing from there to BVUWith 5,000+ hours in the studio, 150+ compositions, 50+ performances/concerts, and several professional collaborations, this first album is everything he hoped it would be.  

“I’m very happy,” Saunders smiled.  

Saunders has many idols, but a few specifically who inspired him to create his own music. These are composers like Hans Zimmer and John Williams. Saunders grew up listening to Christian rock bands, and one of his favorites is Skillet. These influences pushed him to successfully implement violin into a variety of rock genres.

For anyone who is trying to create their own music or album, Saunders gives this advice.  

“If there is a rule break it. It’s the only way to move things forward. That’s something I have picked up from a lot of successful people, and I actually quoted from Hans Zimmer. You’ll look at a lot of idols today, they have taken a lot of risks doing what they want to do to become successful. People are scared of change, but over years those changes end up with the greatest success at the end, and it really does pay off,” he said.  

Saunders will graduate this spring, May of 2020 with a degree in Music Production and Technology. He plans to continue his campaign and book gigs after he graduates. Shredder the deluxe album will be released Nov. 15th, 2019, on all online stores. Google Play Music, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, et cetera. Wherever you find your favorite tunes, Shredder can be found as well. To purchase individual songs, the VIP package, or even a physical CD, visit