Why exercise is a must for your schedule

Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham | Opinion Editor

We all know that working out is an important part of keeping a healthy lifestyle. I tried hard to put it into my schedule, and had reminders in my calendar each day to fit in some exercise. However, many times I found myself finding higher priorities or better excuses. I got bogged down with homework or extra curricular activities and swiped through my notifications each day they popped up.

Sometimes we get into this rut when we have a busy week with school and say, “Oh, I’ll work out tomorrow.” Then we get into this continuous cycle of pushing off exercise each day, then each week. It’s time to increase your follow through and self discipline. When the reminder for class pops up on your phone, you don’t ignore it. Correct, we’re all good students here. So next time a notification pops up to work out, treat it like a class.

HGTV cofounder, Susan Packard, detailed in her book New Rules of the Game just how important exercise is for personal success. In order to be successful in the working world and to help others, including your company, you must first help yourself to make sure your body is in good physical shape.

“If you’ve flown a commercial airline, you’ve heard the instructions: In the event of an emergency, the oxygen mask may drop down. Put your own mask on first before assisting others. The message could not be clearer: You can help others only if you haven’t already passed out yourself.”

When you’re stressed because of classes, that’s the best time to go exercise. Working out releases endorphins that instantly increase your mood, allowing you to be more productive on homework and in the classroom. Even if it is a quick run or game of basketball with your friends, getting some form of exercise needs to be a top priority right next to school, not after it.

Packard also mentioned in her book that, “good health stretches your peak years for a rich, rewarding career.” While at the moment, it may seem like a good idea to put everything and everyone else before you, it really is not a good habit to get into. After all, nobody ever regrets a workout.

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons