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Kiley Wellendorf

Kiley Wellendorf | Co-Editor-in-Chief

L$D – A$AP Rocky
There is something peaceful about the walk across the street at seven in the morning. I have never been an athlete, nor have I ever possessed a competitive bone in my body, but boy do I love the feeling of flip flops traded for running shoes in the morning.

It’s a sneaky routine, one that coordinates a plan beforehand and the ability to put chilled contacts in underneath the fluorescent lights. But I made it, right? I walked across the street, got into the car and watched the sunrise. I already beat the odds that were pushed against me. After hearing I wouldn’t be able to do it – I made it a point to prove people wrong. Now it’s part of my routine, finding something I didn’t think I had in me before. Before I draw more squiggly lines and chase you down a cornered path, I want you to know that I’m feeling okay. I’m home.

leaves – Miguel
I think I enjoy the quietness of Storm Lake the most. I’ve always been someone who enjoys a good drive around the lake with a Red Bull in my hand, but as I’ve grown older, I’m starting to trade one thing for another. Red Bull for Monster, coffee for tea, pain for happiness. You know the drill.

Downtown Love – G-Eazy
I’ve only been on campus for two weeks and I already feel at home again. College has a way of slipping through our fingers when summer starts. Friendships are further apart and all of a sudden Carroll begins to feel like a foreign country. I had a job, got the chance to write and meet incredible people, and I even took the focus off of myself for a while.

Thrown into a new situation, I’m sitting with a burning laptop in my lap trying to stop laughing after spending the evening with friends. Friends with whom I’m lucky to live with for the second year in a row and girls I could not imagine my life without. I think the most beautiful part about being an upperclassman is realizing who and where you’re supposed to be. I feel pretty fitted in my pack of girls, all awhile holding onto those who are scattered across campus.

Kreuzberg – Bloc Party
I’m a firm believer in time, but I’m beginning to refocus my attention. Anyways, I know this isn’t normally how my summer flashback post typically goes, but I feel like there’s a message that I would like to somehow get across. When you find happiness – chase it. If you don’t – leave it. I’m beginning to notice a pattern and after spending three years on this pretty campus, I know exactly what I want. It’s so great to be back.