Senior workshops created to get you ready for graduation


Alyssa Donnelly, News Assistant Editor

The Buena Vista University Office of Career & Personal Development is offering workshops, specially designed for seniors, to help them get ready for life after college before graduation hits. The Career & Personal Development Office is holding a series of four workshops designed to prepare seniors for the job search.

The workshops are on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. The first two workshops were held Sept. 20 and 27 and covered resumes and a new job search system called BeaverTracks. This week’s workshop allows students to practice interviewing and next week’s familiarizes them with networking including using LinkedIn.

According to Jeff Stocco, Director of the Career & Personal Development, all of the workshops will give students one-on-one time to ask questions they may have regarding to their future career. Whether students are not sure where to apply, or if they are worried their resume might be missing something, Stocco says the workshops are designed to help.

“The workshops essentially help them to make the most effective transition they can,” Stocco said.

Each workshop is to build upon the previous one, though Stocco says students do not need to attend all four. And if students may have missed the first workshops, they can still arrive at the last two and get whatever assistance needed. However, he noted that completing all four workshops gives students an important set of skills and tools needed to be prepared for internships or jobs after graduation. Seniors have the chance to get ahead in the job searching and interviewing processes. They also get practice in how to present their professional self and the chance to find great resources about where to apply for jobs.

Not only do students develop a relationship with the office staff, but they are learning themselves to be more professional in a timely manner.

Stocco also said that even if students aren’t able to attend these workshops, he and anyone else in Career & Personal Development would be glad to sit down and discuss career-related questions any students may have.

Photo by Samantha Hirschman