Fall Etiquette Dinner: Students learn to dine in style


Alyssa Donnelly, News Assistant Editor

On Thursday November 10, Sodexo and Career Personal & Development hosted a Fall Etiquette Dinner at Buena Vista University (BVU). This annual dinner teaches students the importance of dining etiquette. Not only are students getting the opportunity to learn something that may be useful in their future, but they also have the opportunity to meet people outside of their friend groups.

Sodexo Campus Services General Manager, Ken Allen, commented on why students should participate in this event.

“We always encourage the students to participate in it. Do it. If you don’t, you’re missing out. We partner with Career Personal & Development [to do] this venture, [and] we do try to make it fun for ya,” Allen said.

Sodexo is honored to be able to host these dinners not only for BVU, but for other schools across Iowa as well. Allen continues to share his etiquette expertise with other universities and colleges. Being able to have those opportunities not only for the benefit of the schools, but for Sodexo as well, shares the quality of their services. Students get the experiences of learning new things and watching others learn as well.

Sophomore student, Lindsay Blackford, believed the Etiquette Dinner was very educational in many ways.

“It was an event that centered around teaching students how to properly eat and talk in social situations. I never really had that proper etiquette training, so it was really important to learn,” Blackford said.

Not only were students able to visit with each other and get hands on fine dining experience, they were able to learn things that might change their future. One will never know if they will be having an interview during dinner and understanding dining etiquette can be helpful in those situations.

Sodexo and Career & Personal Development look forward to seeing those who may not have attended this fall to attend the next dinner in the spring. It’s an opportunity students shouldn’t miss out on.

Photo by Samantha Hirschman