Beware the “freshman 15”


April Allen | Art&Life Co-Editor

Graphic by Keyla Sosa

The “freshman 15” can be one of the most notorious frights in the first year of college. The Science Daily published an article claiming the freshman 15 is a myth. Numerous articles on the web claim the exact same theory. Despite the fact that the freshman 15 is a myth, it can still be challenging to stay in shape during their busy college lifestyle. Here are some tips on how to keep the pounds off and more importantly how to stay healthy.

Tip #1:
Eat a balanced diet. Here at Buena Vista University (BVU) it is easy to simply eat a bunch of carbohydrates and miss out on the vegetables, fruits, proteins, and dairy. It isn’t as hard as one would think to balance these categories. For fruit, grab a piece of fruit from the fruit rack two times a day. It is best to get vegetables from the salad bar or sandwich bar because the cooked vegetables tend to have more unwanted fat calories in the butter or oil. To get adequate dairy, grab a glass of milk at least one meal a day. Meat is offered in many different sections in the cafeteria, but getting pizza with pepperoni or sausage doesn’t count as a serving of protein. Instead, eat hard boiled eggs or beans at the salad bar if the choice of meat at the traditional bar isn’t very appetizing.

Tip #2:
Get creative at Sodexo! Don’t stick to one bar. Instead, grab pieces from each to make a creative blended and balanced meal. If a student sticks to one bar or eats already made dishes day after day, then the student gets bored, and they can end up eating pizza, burgers, or grilled cheese more frequently than is good for them.

Tip #3:
Storm Lake is beautiful, so take advantage of the outdoors while the weather is still nice. The town has a path that goes along the lake; it is approximately three miles from campus to King’s Pointe and back. Running this distance is great, but walking is beneficial as well. Part of keeping the freshman 15 off is keeping stress away. Stress can cause weight gain naturally, so getting fresh air and taking your mind off of responsibilities for a while will help relieve stress and equal a better, happier you!

These three tips are just the beginning. There are a million things that can be done to keep weight gain far away from the body, but picking two or three tips and sticking to these is easier to do then stressing over the fact that you as a student might gain weight if you don’t do everything. There are many other ways to avoid the freshman 15, just do whatever is most convenient and realistic for you.