Valentine’s Day: An Evolving Mentality


Aubrey Anderson, Assistant Opinion Editor

Aubrey Anderson | Assistant Opinion Editor

Valentine’s Day. Those two words can bring up quite the mixture of feelings depending on whom you ask. For me, my view of Valentine’s Day has changed throughout the years. When I was a little girl, I thought Valentine’s Day was the greatest thing besides Christmas and Easter. It was the day that I got to dress up, go to school, and exchange the valentines my mom and I would make with all my friends. I loved getting candy and secretly competing with my friends to have the coolest valentines in class.

As I got older, and we were no longer giving everyone valentines, I began to understand the day was more than just getting candy during class. In fact, I began to learn that Valentine’s Day was for that gross mushy couple stuff. Slowly the feeling that love was gross changed and I began to view Valentine’s Day as one of my favorites once again. I began to see the day as the perfect time to see everyone happy and in love. I couldn’t wait to see the romantic gestures people would do to show their significant other just how much they mean to one another. I always wished my crush would realize my feelings and make a move, just like I had seen so many do around Valentine’s Day.

When I was in high school, the day finally came where my wish came true. My crush made a move and I now had a person to share Valentine’s Day with. My first Valentine’s Day as a couple was perfect! It was everything I wished it would be. He came to my front door with flowers, and took me out to dinner. I swear, I felt like my feet would never touch the ground again. After a Valentine’s Day like that, I couldn’t wait for next year. Sadly, after two years, that relationship passed but I found myself in a new relationship half a year later. Although we made it to Valentine’s Day, it wasn’t nearly as special as before. I felt like it was just another day. There were no romantic gestures, no sappy love notes, it was just the 14th of February.

After that relationship ended quite badly, I have now found myself looking at Valentine’s Day in a very negative light. With a broken heart, what people call “the day of love” now feels like “the day that lacks love.” I see all of these other happy couples and I find myself wishing that was me. Instead of looking forward to the 14th, now I long for the 15th; the day where I can raid the candy aisles of the grocery stores. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than happy for the couples out there. However, with my new mentality, I find myself wondering why people only do romantic gestures on the 14th? Why not show that level of love on a monthly basis or do a simple gesture every day? A number on a calendar should not be why you show people you love them. People should feel loved every day.

I know that as my heart heals from my past relationships, so will my views of Valentine’s Day. However, as of right now, I wish to hide away on the 14th and bury my sorrows by eating all the sweet leftovers. To all the couples out there, may your Valentine’s Day make you feel special and loved, like I felt my very first Valentine’s Day. To all the singles, take a deep breath, love yourself, and always remember it’s just another day.


Graphic by Kayla Sweet