What students want in a new president at BVU


Meredith Van Zuiden


Kylee Deering | A&L Editor

Buena Vista University’s president, Fred Moore, resigned from his position after 22 years back in September. BVU has been searching for someone to fill the position through a long process of interviews. After narrowing down the selection of possible candidates, students and faculty have been able to meet and talk with them. The sessions were designed for the BVU community to get to know the people applying for the position. With such a big change after 22 years, students and faculty alike want to see the position filled by someone fit for the job and as passionate for the college as Moore has been.

Students are taking the time to think about what they’d like to see in a new president at BVU after Moore leaves in June.

“Student-focused and have a mindset towards admissions and retention,” junior Kyle Wiebers said describing the traits he wants in BVU’s next leader.

“And the understanding of the first amendment and implications for student media,” Wiebers added.

Other students are looking for a president who takes cares about students input and perspectives.

“I want a president who will consider student ideas and consider bringing back Greek life,” junior AJ Spake said.

“I would like someone who is close with the students, who wants to get to know all the students on campus,” sophomore Abbey Youngren said.

Similarly, sophomore Taylor Nelson said it’s important to hire a president who is present at student events.

“I would want my president to go to student meetings for clubs to listen to their ideas and get to know the student body,” Nelson said.

Students think a president who wants to listen to and get to know them is an important characteristic. Students fondly recall stories of Moore working out in the gym alongside them or striking up a conversation in the coffee shop and want to see this kind of student- president relationship carry over to the next person filling the position.

“I would look for a president who is approachable,” sophomore Taylor Frain said.

Some students also talked about the importance of internships and jobs.

“I think something that BV already stands for is having those connections and getting you a job right away and having those resources so having someone who stands for those resources,” junior Destin Butturf said.

Like Butturf, junior Lindsay Meyer said job resources are important to her.

“I want a president that is efficient and very resourceful and can help students use resources to get jobs or get internships,” she said.

The presidential search is nearing the end and BVU will soon welcome a new person into the position. Students are hopeful that person fulfills their wants to keep BVU the family, friendly environment it has been.


Photo by Meredith VanZuiden