Don’t Throw Away Your Tomorrow because of Today’s Ignorance



Angus Polluck | Contributing Writer

Your future is at stake here.

Is that dramatic enough to get your attention?

The political climate today may seem like it is a world away when you have both a biology and a stats exam this week, but I assure you, it isn’t a world away; it’s right outside your door.

It is easy to dismiss all the craziness on news cycles you don’t even watch as something that doesn’t warrant your attention, but what is really happening is that your future is being decided without you.  Most of you are voting age for the first time in your lives and many of you may have voted in this most recent presidential election, in which case, good for you!  However, like many of us, you may have watched the results come in and then went back to your college lives thinking you have more important things to worry about.  A lot of the political news happens outside of your social media circles, and other than some Facebook and Twitter blips or an odd mentioning from your professor, you may not even be aware of some of the stories taking place both in our state and across the country.

You really should pay attention.

Somewhere under all the circus and fake news (not to mention some seriously clever political cartoons) is our new reality.  I don’t really care who you voted for (okay, that’s a lie, but we will save that for another editorial), but there are many changes afoot.  Sure, some of these may be things of which you are in favor, but as for myself, I’m growing a little concerned.  Whatever your political views, none of us can deny that the laws and regulations taking shape in this new administration will shape the next decade to come, a decade in which most of us will truly enter the “real world.”  I think it is also safe to say that these first 100 days are providing a pretty good view of the direction in which our country is headed.  Pure nationalism is the main theme (America First) with a minor chorus of deportation, restricting women’s rights, and the hall of mirrors, otherwise known as the American healthcare system.  Have you asked yourself where these policies might be taking us?  Have you asked yourself what they might mean for your future direction?  Are you even following the news (I recommend heavy filters here) outside of what a professor may ask of you?

It’s hard to adjust to being an adult, especially when most of your life has been in one form of school or another.  You have had few bills to pay and almost always had the company of your peers.  But soon, very soon, you will truly enter the world at large and be at its mercy just like everyone else.  Shouldn’t you use your voice to have a say in the direction your country will take you?

I urge you to get involved.  I urge you to pay at least periodic attention to what our legislators are offering up.  March if you wish, protest if you desire, call your legislators and get involved in your future.  It may not seem like the policies of today have anything to do with you when you are buried in textbooks and papers, but it has very much to do with you and your tomorrow.

Photo by Olivia Wieseler