When Will the Violence Stop?


Aubrey Anderson, Assistant Opinion Editor

For at least the past 6 years, the people of Syria have not felt safe. There have been endless attacks on towns, mosques, buses, and even schools. It should be a serious issue for a population of people in any country to not feel safe for that many years. However, the majority of the world doesn’t seem care. It seems as if people only care for a couple days after each new attack is broadcast on the news, or as a story pops up in their feed on social media. Well, I am writing today to shine a little light on Syria, and remind us all that turning a blind eye to these events will not make the violence stop.

War often breaks out because of differences in opinion, the need for resources, and the thirst for power. Sadly, in Syria, their civil war has raged on and on for most of these reasons. Over the course of the war, nearly 500,000 people have been killed. The attacks have killed people of all ages, from babies up to those already nearing the end of their long lives. Violence doesn’t care about the age of the victim. Over the past 6 years, there have been numerous bombings: bombs dropped from planes, planted bombs, and suicide bombs. There have also been chemical weapons used. All of these forms of weapons cause large numbers of casualties with one hit.

I understand that what is going on in Syria is the result of a civil war and that this is not necessarily America’s issue to be dealing with. However, we have been helping the rebel forces trying to overthrow Bashar Assad since 2011. I usually do not encourage America’s efforts to fix other nations’ conflicts or problems because first of all, it isn’t our business to be sticking our nose into. Secondly, who is to say that we are the best to help? Finally, I feel that unless we are specifically asked to help a nation, it sends the wrong message that we think we can fix everyone else’s problems; a message that can be taken very negatively. In this situation, I was very proud to hear that we were helping, as a civil war that lasts this long needs to end. The upsetting fact is that I feel the American people have stopped caring. In fact, America may now participating in the bombing! When I read about the bombing of a mosque, which was reportedly housing members of Al Qaeda, but was actually being used to house evening prayers, I was extremely upset. 40 innocent people were killed by American military action. Yet, do the majority of the American people care? No, it appears not. The lack of attention this conflict is receiving is appalling and needs to change.

In today’s world, it is a sad truth that violence is simply an everyday occurrence. It seems as if during every passing day, there is a new attack somewhere, a murder, or school shooting. These events should not be a common news. I can’t imagine how Syria feels, knowing that the world knows what is happening, yet nothing significant has happened to help. America has even stopped Syrian refugees from finding refuge within our borders. Yes, I know that America, as well as other countries, have tried to help. But having 6 years of violence and half a million deaths, has to show that we are not doing enough. If America was in this situation, we wouldn’t want the world to be so used to violence that the attacks on us would no longer matter. This unending ferocity needs to be stopped, but only if people pay attention to what is happening. So, please, next time you see a serious news story, don’t keep scrolling. Read it, see what can be done, and try to make a difference in any way you can.