Get active this Spring in Storm Lake


Kylee Deering

Ella Wiebusch, Contributing Writer

The weather is getting nicer and nicer with each passing day, and with it comes the inevitable longing to be outside enjoying the beautiful sun. While I rarely wake up before the sun, I find that the consistency of its presence is constant motivation as I cross off each day on my calendar and long for Summer Break; while my motivation may be starting to dwindle, the sun comes out each day and reminds me that I get to be here on Earth another day, so I may as well enjoy it! Because of the nice weather, we all sit in our classes staring out the window thinking of what we would rather be doing. But what WOULD we rather be doing? While some may think that Storm Lake is too small of a town to have any fun spring activities, there are actually a plethora of ways to get active! Sometimes it takes a little creativity, but Storm Lake is a town brimming with opportunity, and now that the weather is finally cooperating, it’s time to get outside and get moving! If you feel that you have run out of ideas for what to do, or are simply at a loss as to where to start, here is a list of activities filled with ways to get you out of your room, away from Netflix, and into the sun (even if you aren’t necessarily up to greet it)!

1. Go for a run or walk along the lake!

My favorite way to get active outside is by running along the lake. There is just something about getting to look at the lake as I go for a run on the path, and I highly recommend it! Now I know that not everyone is an avid runner, but taking a walk along the lake with a friend, or even by yourself, is a great way to take in some Vitamin D and clear your head as you head into finals week. The Storm Lake Trail as well connects the township on Lakeside on the east end of town with Emerald Park on the west end, which is a distance of roughly five miles. Much of this trail follows the shoreline of our beautiful lake.

2. Go for a bike ride!

Did you know that there are over 400 bike trail options surrounding Storm Lake? It’s true! While many of them involve cycling around the lake, many people enjoy creating their own routes and exploring the surrounding area. If you feel like spending a long time on the bike you may want to head all the way around the lake…there’s a 25-mile route just waiting for you! Or, if you would rather stay close to campus, you could take a leisurely ride down to King’s Pointe and back for a total of 4 miles. To be sure, there are countless roads and trails perfect for a sunny bike ride. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of having a bike on campus; check out the Outdoor Recreation House! They’ve got plenty of bikes in the garage.

3. Make the most of campus resources!

The Rec House has everything you could ever want or need to play a game or get active outside. From kayaks and canoes, to paddle boards, Frisbees, and volleyballs, there are so many great things to do! And let’s not forget about Lawn Golf! Already this Spring I have seen a countless number of students, with golf clubs in hand, playing with friends. If you’ve never played before, grab some buddies and head down to the Rec House to grab some clubs, and get going! If none of those things sound like your kind of fun, there are always the sand volleyball courts behind the suites, the football/soccer field, or tennis courts by the natatorium as well!

4. Check out the local parks!

East of campus along the lake, you can find the beautiful Sunset Park, which is home to the Living Heritage Tree Museum. One of the largest tree museums in the U.S., this park is “dedicated to planting documented seedlings and cuttings of trees associated with famous people or events. You can even download an audio tour for use on your next trip! Continue on the path towards King’s Pointe and you’ll come across Chautauqua Park, which is the largest park in Storm Lake’s park system. Home to veteran monuments, and U.S. Navy ship anchor, this park also has a picnic area, basketball court, tennis court, and enclosed shelter.

5. Storm Lake Disc Golf Course!

In yet another beautiful park in Storm Lake, you will find an activity that’s sure to bring on lots of laughter and competition! Located in Mandeville Park on the border of Storm Lake and Lakeside is Storm Lake’s first ever Disc Golf Course! The course features 9 holes with varying degrees of difficulty, so anyone from amateur to expert can have a great time! Grab a few friends, rent out a bike from the Rec House, and cycle on over!

6. If you don’t mind spending a little money…

Let’s be real, as college students, we don’t exactly have a ton of money to spend on things other than books, food, and tuition. However, if you find yourself with a little extra cash and need something relaxing to do on a hot weekend, you could always check out King’s Pointe Waterpark! For $15.00 you can use both the indoor and outdoor facilities, so there are plenty of ways to have some fun swimming, sliding, and relaxing with friends. If you can’t resist playing some actual golf (not lawn golf) and are comfortable spending a little more money, head to The Sunrise Pointe Golf Course on the east end of town. Featuring nine holes on 40 acres of land, this newly renovated course makes for a great time!

7. Downtown FUN!

Still need another idea? I would suggest taking a walk into town and exploring the local shops and cuisine. Grab a coffee at Grand Central and then stroll down to Lake Ave. N and have a nice chat with a friend while also getting some exercise in! And don’t be afraid to take a quick walk to the Harker House, which is a very old home, filled with an abundance of intriguing stories just waiting to be heard.

From activities on campus such as lawn golf and volleyball, to ones that take you on adventures on and around the lake, there are so many ways to make the most of this wonderful spring weather. Whether you need a break from studying or just want to take in some Vitamin D, Storm Lake is full of fun ways to get your body moving; just because you don’t wake up with the sun doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of opportunities to enjoy it!