Incoming Freshmen, New Student Advice from a BVU Second-Year


Dee Friesen

Court Studer, Contributing Writer

College is amazing, but can also prove to be a stressful time full of anxiety, and fear of the unknown. There are more positives to think about when you begin college than negatives, and getting out of your comfort zone while in pursuit of your degree will allow you to benefit the most from your college experience. Here are a few tips from a BVU second-year student to spark your curiosity, and maybe inform you of something new.

Go to Class

This seems like a basic rule, but you wouldn’t believe how easy it is to just curl up under your blankets and go back to sleep, instead of going to your 8AM. Sure, you can probably get the notes from someone, but you will be missing out on vital information and the ability to make connections in class.

Use the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)

            This one seems pretty self-explanatory, but many people don’t take advantage of this great facility. It’s quiet, relaxing, and a great place to get work done. Checking in at the CAE helps you keep track of how many hours you are spending on your homework, helping you manage your time accordingly. As a bonus, some professors offer extra credit for logging hours, and everyone can use that.

Go to Sporting Events

Sporting events are so much fun! Don’t miss out on creating awesome memories, and the chance to bond with your fellow Beavers. Go crazy, and scream until you lose your voice. Don’t forget to show your school spirit by participating in the Beaver Train.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

            College is the time to explore and find yourself. Get out there and engage in activities you normally wouldn’t. Get out of your dorm, join a club, visit your professors offices. It doesn’t really matter what you do, just do something that pushes you to a new level.

Be Nice to Everyone

            College is a scary time for freshmen, and everyone is probably thinking the same thing. It’s safe to say, all students are concerned about their classes, who to eat with, when they should call their mom, how to do their laundry, and more. Being nice to people is completely free, and makes a world of difference. Hold the door open for someone, say, “hi,” to the guy from your math class, and thank the Sodexo workers. All of these are easy, simple things that will make your first year at BVU a lot better.