83 Hearts, 1 Heartbeat: BVU gains Mollring as head coach


Emily Kenny

The addition of Buena Vista University’s football’s head coach Grant Mollring, hired December 2016, has proven to be a driving force in the Beaver’s recent win against the Dutch of Central College on Saturday, September 16th.

Mollring came to BVU from Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska where he served as the offensive coordinator for three seasons. At BVU, he strives to create a strong culture amongst the team, and works with the coaching staff to maximize their potential.

“These coaches have a genuine interest in the student-athletes and are here to help our guys develop on and off the field,” adds Mollring.

With a new season, a new coaching staff, and fierce competitors, the real challenges the team faces are within themselves, according to Mollring. The overarching goal may be a championship win, but daily victories are the stepping stones to the team’s overall success.

“We try to focus one week at a time. Whoever our opponent is that week is our biggest competitor” adds Cole Miller, starting quarterback for the Beavers.

The addition of a new class also brings about challenges from within, whether it be competing for a starting spot, having fewer years of experience, or lacking familiarity at the collegiate level. This year’s freshman class is bigger than most, and making up nearly half the team, every player is challenged to compete, lead, and push one another on and off the field.

Senior offensive lineman, Tyler Witzke, understands the challenges a new team brings, but always makes the most of it.

“Instead of trying to out-perform other team members, we try to push each other. We are making them better, and they are pushing us to be better,” said Witzke.

The Beavers have been off to a great start this season, but there are more challenges to come. The team prepares each week with competitive practices, intense lifting sessions, and numerous scouting reports. With 36 offensive players, 40 defensive players, and 7 coaches, 83 hearts ban together, conquer adversity and rise as one.