Jimmy John’s Has a Freaky Fast Opening


Alyssa Donnelly

Rick Hartwig, General Manager; Alex Wright, Certified Manager; and Houston Hartwig, Owner

Alyssa Donnelly, Assistant Arts & Life Editor

Jimmy John’s sub sandwich shop has found its way into small town Storm Lake, Iowa.

After franchising Hardee’s and owning many other businesses, the Hartwig family added a Jimmy John’s to their list. Rick Hartwig is the General Manager, along with his nephew, Houston Hartwig, who is the owner of the new location.

Jimmy John’s opened up the first franchise in 1983 in Charleston, IL. From then on, the franchise grew and many started owning the “freaky fast” business all over the country.

“I have been in the food business my whole life with Hardee’s and everything. I just kind of fell in love with the Jimmy John’s culture and I’ve been trying to open one for quite a few years, and Storm Lake was available so here we are,” said Houston Hartwig.

“I think it’s going to be freaky crazy. There’s going to be a lot of fun going on but I think we are going to have a blast,” said Rick Hartwig.

Jimmy John’s has many perks and they are known to have “freaky fast” delivery. Last minute catering is a big deal, according to Houston.

“We are going to do everything we can to get your sandwich in 30 seconds. But, we will be busy; bear with us. One thing that’s kind of cool with Jimmy John’s is we spend six hours every morning just cutting all of our produce and cutting up all the vegetables all to be served in 30 seconds, and our bread is never more than four hours old,” said Houston.

Houston wants the community to know the service will be fast and the menu customizable to dietary needs. Houston and the Jimmy John’s team encourage customers to use their app. It’s simple and helpful when it comes to ordering.

Welcoming Jimmy Johns to the community has been simple for some college students because they will start their employment there. Junior Lindsay Blackford is excited for the grand opening.

“I have [Jimmy John’s] back home and its one of my favorite fast food places. As an employee, I have seen that they are very dedicated to keeping the store clean, and well ran. For the most part I am excited to have a healthy option to have when I am not wanting the serve food,” said Blackford.

Jimmy John’s grand opening is Tuesday October 10th at 11am. The store hours are Monday-Sunday from 11am to 10:10pm. Houston says he is happy to take early orders before opening.

If you have any orders or questions, feel free to call Jimmy Johns at (712) 213-2934. The store is located across the street from McDonald’s at, 319 E. Milwaukee.