Captivating Classes: January Interim Choices

Allyssa Ertz, Arts & Life Editor

As 2018 quickly approaches, January interim is also drawing near.  If you are not pursuing an internship or going on a trip, now is the time you should look into what class you plan on taking!  General education classes are available along with a wide variety of creative options taught by experienced professors to spark interest in the different types of students at Buena Vista University.

In class choices for January deemed in the “Creativity and Creative Expression” section, there are several choices meant to provoke imaginative new ideas in students.  Courses are offered on becoming a recording artist, different approaches to writing, digital humanities, opera, theatre, art, reading, poetry, and even a course analyzing the classic Wuthering Heights.

“Cultural Explorations” is another section containing many options for students who are interested in research in civilizations.  These classes open minds to new information that can change perspective and open doors.  Courses have topics of truths and lies about crime in America, biology and social science examining sex in America, the political musical Hamilton, and the divergence between cultures within movies and cooking.

“Math and Science Exploration & Thought” offers a variety of classes focusing on different subjects in these areas.  Courses are offered that can fulfill general education credit including life science, data science, computer programming and environmental science.  There is also a course offered that focuses on computational physics and computational science for computer science, which is a higher course that may be helpful for the physics major or a computer science major.

In addition to these classes, there are two more in depth courses titled “Chemistry and Food” and “How Things Work.”  The chemistry with food course focuses on the way that the body processes food as well as the way that our brain uses it.  The other class gives students insight on the way that different machines and contraptions work and the philosophies behind them, as well as involving activities that have students work with these materials of the machines themselves.

More courses are offered on different topics in the section “Personal Professional Development.”  Courses in this segment are provided on forgiveness, mental illnesses, planning for post college life, and sign language.  These courses all have the added benefit of life skills and helpful insight into everyday life itself.

“Sports & Wellness,” a self-explanatory section by its name, holds course options such as running paired with reading and reflection, swimming fitness, athletic leadership, how sports affects society, and public health.  The running and swimming courses will involve the physical participation in these activities.  Each of these courses will have tons of useful information for anyone interested in health and sports.

The wide range of options available during interim makes it easy for the BVU student to choose what class they would be truly interested in.  Whether you want to fulfill a general education course that you can focus on doing well in specifically or you want to run and learn how it affects your well being, there is a course available for you that will be fascinating and contribute positively to your life!

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