How to Stay Healthy in College


Kylee Deering, News Editor

Staying healthy in college can sometimes be a difficult task. You’re in the close confines of a dorm, staying up late, getting up early, and when one person gets sick, everyone gets sick. There are some ways that you can help yourself and precautions you can take.

1.      Take a multivitamin. College kids often don’t get all of the necessary vitamins we need to keep our bodies healthy and help fight off illness. Taking a multivitamin helps supplement the foods you eat and balances out what you’re lacking. It also helps your immune system when it does need to fight off illnesses.

2.      Wash your hands often. We touch a lot of things throughout the day; plates, doorknobs, microwaves, gym equipment, etc. All of these things have germs that are passed around, no matter how clean we try to keep them. So be sure you’re washing your hands a few times throughout the day to help get rid of unwanted germs.

3.      Get seven to eight hours of sleep as much as possible. Getting a good amount of sleep every night is important to refuel your body for each day. When you lack in sleep, it hurts your immune system, makes it difficult to focus in school, and tires your body out making it more susceptible to illness.

4.      Drink plenty of water. Water is the end all, be all, I swear. It just does so much good for your body to keep you hydrated and healthy.

5.      Stick to a good diet. I know this can be difficult in college, but make conscious choices about what you eat. Instead of snacking on chips or cookies in your dorm room or heating up some mac and cheese, snack on string cheese, an apple, or a granola bar. Add a couple of meal replacement shakes in between meals to keep you full. Choose good, whole foods at the serve like chicken, rice, and vegetables. You get more out of your body when you fuel it with a healthy diet.

6.      Exercise. Whether it’s cardio, weight lifting, or yoga, get exercise at least three to four days a week. Staying in shape helps your body perform at its best.

7.      Take time for yourself when you’re stressed. Stress isn’t good for our bodies and college is a time with a lot of stress. While homework, exams, and extracurriculars are all important, so are you. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a break, step away from your workload, and take some time for yourself. Watch a movie or episode of your favorite Netflix series, hang out with friends, go for a walk, do a face mask. Just take time for yourself to relax and then get back to it.