Tips and Tricks For Midterm Success


Allyssa Ertz, Arts & Life Editor

Already stressing over midterms? The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) offers valuable tips from Director of the CAE, Donna Musel to answer your questions!

Musel says that students should attend every single class, and work hard to take detailed notes while there. Paying attention in class is crucial to absorb information and utilize it in a way that is much more beneficial than just reading through the notes.

Another tip Musel offered is students should do all assigned homework. Students should ask their professors questions or come to the CAE for assistance if they do not fully understand the homework they were given.

Daily review of class notes can truly impact the final result on an exam. It is much easier to take in information daily than trying to learn everything for an exam the night before. This strategy is much less stressful than a cram session.

Making your own study guides is another way to go to soak in the material you are studying for in a different manner. Utilizing various study techniques will verify that you know the information inside and out.

Musel emphasizes that you should go over your exam notes more than just once; in depth studying is key for true learning. Head over to the CAE for assistance in using study techniques you may not have used before, or check out online ideas for studying ideas. There are a ton of divergent ways for studying, and you should find the best ones that work for you to get your best results.

“There is no reason to be afraid of midterm exams if you have been going to class, doing your homework, and studying to learn material,” says Musel. “If you haven’t been doing those things up to this point in the semester, I would encourage you to talk to your advisor and to the CAE to develop a plan to make your academics a priority.”

The CAE is always available to assist you with your organization and test taking skills.  The Center for Academic Excellence has so much more to offer, and all you have to do for help is stop in and see Donna Musel, and she will do her absolute best to help you reach your academic success.