At Info Desk, DeMey is heart of campus


Guy Tannenbaum, Contributing Writer

In the midst of the pandemonium in the underground Siebens Forum at Buena Vista University, one well-lit desk stands out. The Information Desk is the central feature of BVU’s main building, where students and visitors alike can ask questions, get directions and more. Behind it all is Angie DeMey.

“Some people might think that this is chaos, but it’s organized,” DeMey says. “It’s organized chaos.”

Behind her neatly organized workstation at the desk sits DeMey, diligently answering emails and typing away at her computer. The constant noise of people in the Forum, or the occasional cart clanging along the tile floor, doesn’t deter her, or the several work study students she supervises.

DeMey’s official title is Conference Services Scheduling Coordinator, however the list of her duties at BVU is seemingly endless.

“We greet all of the people that come to campus and that call, because we have pretty much all of the information about what goes on, on campus. We’re like a one stop shop,” DeMey said. “I also schedule all of the internal events, like ACES, meetings, all kinds of stuff. Basically, I organize everything that’s happening on campus.”

With all that she does, it’s not a stretch to say that DeMey keeps the university running smoothly.

It takes a special kind of talent to handle the pressures of a position such as hers, but even if you didn’t know her, just one look over the Information Desk could tell you that she loves her job.

Junior Alyssa Donnelly has been working at the Info Desk under DeMey for three years, and says that her positivity is contagious.

“She has a mother’s heart for her students, and I love that about her,” Donnelly says. “I can think of times where I came to the desk in tears, and she is that person that just cheers you up right away. Her enthusiasm to care about her students is so above and beyond.”

To work in the middle of the busiest part of the university, you need to be a people person. DeMey is the perfect example of that. She especially likes interacting with students.

“My favorite part of being here is actually the students. I work with a lot of student organizations and their presidents, my work studies and just students in general,” DeMey explains. “They walk by; they stop; they say hi, and a lot of the times, they’ll come to me and they need help with something, and it’ll have nothing to do with what I’m doing, but they want to know who to talk to.”

A cheery greeting will almost always come from DeMey when anyone walks by, whether she knows them or not. Peering over her computer, she always keeps a watchful eye on the Forum walkways. If someone appears lost, she doesn’t hesitate to reach out to see how she can help.

“I people watch, a lot,” DeMey says. “It’s kind of like you always have one eye up, and one eye you’re working, but you’re always people watching, paying attention.”

Perched at the Info Desk, DeMey helps foster the success of BVU’s operation, and she is a mainstay in the Forum. DeMey can be a comforting presence amongst the chaos of the busiest building on campus, organized chaos that is, and she says she truly loves that.

“Of course I like working here,” DeMey says. “I love the students. I love the staff. I love meeting new people. Every day is different.”