BVU to Release New App for Smart Devices in Coming Semesters


Isabel Haas, Staff Writer

The idea of creating an app for the students, faculty, and staff of Buena Vista University (BVU) has been tossed around for a few years, but hasn’t been implemented until recently.  

Students and faculty alike have been thinking of ways to have a better form of communication, and the idea of an app was brought up by many who wanted to see this change.  

Allison Mercer, a senior at BVU, was tasked last year with creating a project proposal that could start conversations about how to help BVU become a better institution for its students. 

Allison’s parents both participate in the development of different apps and inspired her to create a project proposal centered around the idea of an app for BVU. 

“Last spring for my Business and Professional class, we had to give a project proposal, we were allowed to think of topics and brainstorm about different ideas”, Mercer said. “I met with a professional from India, and he had the table of contents made for me, the executive summary, and was able to help me create this app for BV.” 

Many students and faculty began to come up with different ideas of creating an app that could help get information out to students about upcoming events, reminders about deadlines, or even just a heads-up about what’s happening on campus. 

Dale Scully, Vice President and Dean of Students, says that the creation of this app is almost necessary for BVU in getting information out and communicating with students.   

“Having an app and having a way to push out these notifications to students would be really positive,” Scully said. “I don’t think we can continue doing what we’re doing, without an app. It’s almost a necessity at this point.” 

The process of creating the app and incorporating ways in which it can be the most user-friendly has already begun. To begin the process, a committee formed with different people that can contribute in different aspects to the app’s creation. Afterwards, the platform and the layout of the app will be discussed, and then the proposal will be taken to president’s counsel for suggestions on how to better the app. Lastly, there will be a case made for it, and the committee will take it to the university where they will apply for funding for the app.  

The committee for the app is made up of different BVU representatives in different departments around campus, along with alumni and students. 

Rosalind Russel, senior and President of Student Senate says, “The whole committee, which includes representatives from admissions, director and assistant director of IT, coordinator for student affairs, student senator representatives, and a few others, has come together with a bunch of different ideas and perspectives to create this app.” 

With the creation of the new app not yet being completed, there is still some time before it is released to the public. With hopes that the app will be available to download in the coming semesters, the committee will be working hard to ensure BVU has an app that will benefit the entire university and all of its students.