Forum Renovation: Was it too much?

Claire Stepan, Contributing Writer

The ongoing reconstruction project known as “Phase One” for the campus of Buena Vista University offered many forward-thinking possibilities. A new Serve area, restaurant, mailroom, and forum are among the few areas getting upgraded.

With the completion of the first phase, the second phase will be beginning shortly. Construction for the first one began at the end of the previous spring semester and continues to take place today, showing no signs of being done anytime soon. In my opinion, the University bit off more than they could chew. 

One main issue for me is the serve. With construction surrounding the entire perimeter of where we eat, the seating has been cut down considerably and the overall appeal has been slightly lost with the noisescattered tools and supplies, and unfinished projects throughout the area. The food is repetitive with little to no variety, and I find myself skipping meals in exchange for snacks. 

Another issue for me is the inconveniences caused by the reconstruction. Entrances have been cut down to two doors for the most important section on campus, relocations of all the major offices within the forum have made it harder for students to find the help they need, and it is now more difficult for students to get to their classes. The forum classes are surrounded by workers attempting to finish their sections and Dixon Eilers is nearly impossible to navigate with the whole first floor being worked on. 

The final results of Phase One will be very beneficial for the school, no doubt, but should have been split up, especially with a timed deadlineI feel like this renovation has taken away the learning and working atmosphere the school tries so hard to promote. This construction proves to have caused more problems for the University than what I believe was to be expected. Hopefully Phase One will be a lesson learned for the upcoming Phase Two of how best to go about remodeling our campus.