Who’s Who in Beaver Sports: Emily Ivey


Allie Hartman

Allie Hartman, Sports Photographer

Emily Ivey is a junior business major with a concentration in marketing and human resource management. A Storm Lake native and a graduate of St. Mary’s, Ivey did not have to travel far to continue her volleyball career. 

Ivey is a right front hitter for the Beaver Women’s Volleyball team and has been a great asset to the volleyball team since her freshman year. She’s started her junior year off strong, playing in seven matches and 21 sets. On the year she has 14 kills and 7 digs and looks to continue to excel in her upcoming games and matches.  

Emily first recalls falling in love with volleyball when she was in elementary school.  

“I was involved in many sports at that age, I did swim team, basketball, softball, and gymnastics but nothing quite compared to volleyball. Every chance my two best friends and I could get to pass a ball back and forth we’d take it.”  

While Ivey stated that there are far too many volleyball related memories to choose from, she narrowed it down to her favorite thus far in her three years as a Beaver.  

“Being a part of getting second in the conference would probably have to be at the top of the list. Although I wasn’t physically apart of the game last year, it was a fun experience to be a part of the atmosphere at the U.S. Cellular Center. We hope to be right back in the championship again this year. We are extremely underestimated this year with our small numbers and graduates leaving from last year, but we have many talented players that are very capable of picking up the roles that we lost from last year.” 

When asked who her biggest influencer was, she did not hesitate to respond.  

“My parents. They have always found a way to allow me to be involved in any and every sport I took part in during my younger years all the way up to high school. They have taught me to specifically work hard for what I want and that they weren’t going to fight my battles for me but that if I wanted a spot on the court, field, in the pool, or on the gymnastics floor that I would have to prove it myself.” 

Head coach for the Beavers, Aubrey Havlichek, reflects on how Ivey has been a great contributing member to the squad thus far this season.  

“Emily contributes an unparalleled work ethic. She spent the summer in town staying strong and getting reps and is constantly asking questions and making adjustments to improve. I see a lot of myself in Emily, she has a selfless desire to do well for her team.” 

Catch the Beavers at their next home game against Simpson on Tuesday, Sept. 25, in the Siebens Fieldhouse.