AG’s Game Center: The Tiger Effect


Anthony Gallagher, Blogger

Hello Friends,  

I am back and better than ever. Thanks for all of your feedback on last week’s blog. I want to say I thought Nebraska wasn’t going to be trash, but sadly, I was wrong. Every Nebraska fan right now is probably saying, “Hey AG, when was the last time Iowa won a National Title?”  

As many of you know, I play golf at BVU, and I am avid about the sport. The most talked about player ever is Tiger Woods. He has transcended the sport, and when he was at his peak, he was as close to unstoppable as a golfer can be. He made a hard sport look easy.  

My opinion of Tiger? I don’t like him. Not because of his golfing ability but because of how he handles himself while playing. He doesn’t have any fun, and he is in disbelief whenever he misses a putt or misses a fairway.  

I think he is the best pure golfer ever, and he has done so much for the sport. It is great that he is back and in contention again, but he won’t win another major. I say this because golf as a sport is at an all-time high. The players are better than ever, and there are so many great players. I think Tiger will win again, but not a major. I hope he proves me wrong. If he wins another major, that will be a great day for the sport of golf.  

Tiger has had a great year and earned second at this year’s PGA championship. The crowds around him were electric all week. My suitemate Connor Winkelman, who is a huge Tiger supporter, described it this way: “I’m a guy who loves to wake up and watch some Sunday golf. It’s just a different atmosphere and feeling when Tiger is in contention to win, especially in a major. That Sunday when he was in contention, I was like a kid on Christmas Eve night. I was on the edge of the couch the whole time watching him.” 

I cannot deny golf is more enjoyable to watch when Tiger is in the mix. As the USA prepares to compete in the Ryder Cup, my favorite golf event, I hope Tiger is on top of his game and ready to go.  

Also, I want to give a shout out to the BVU volleyball squad as they are red-hot winners of six in a row heading into the conference slate.  

Lastly, a prediction: Iowa 13 Wisconsin 10 

Thanks for reading and see you soon! 

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