Saturday Nights with Jake: Edition One


Emily Kenny

Jake Thompson, Blogger

Hey, what’s up party people? I am the newest member of The Tack; name’s Jake Thompson and aces are low. I participate in both basketball and tennis on campus here at Buena Vista. For my first blog post, I am going to talk about balding. I believe my fellow tack member, Anthony Gallagher (also known as AG), is going bald. He claims that he has had the same hair throughout all of high school and college. FALSE! He is going bald but he is not alone. Studies show that bald people are more successful and more powerful. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson comes to mind, AG doesn’t. Studies also show that men’s hair growth will be based on their mom’s side grandpa. If he has hair then you will have hair. I hope yours doesn’t.  

Mo Bamba by Sheck Wes has taken the world by storm and by Mo Bamba, I don’t mean the famous Orlando Magic player. I am talking about the song. Senior at Buena Vista, Brady Dicks, said this about the song “It makes me mad because both Purdue and Penn State played it after beating the Hawks in football.” However, it makes me happy because it lights up any occasion and makes it fun. I am not a huge Hawks fan but I am a fan. I use a fan at night when I sleep and I like that fan a whole lot more than the Hawks to be honest.  

Jake’s last and final paragraph in his first blog is about how and why he talks in third person. How I do it is pretty amazing. Every time I want to talk about myself I will use my first name. Why? Well I don’t know to be honest. Maybe it is because I sound cooler. Maybe it’s so none of the readers get confused.  I hope to talk in third person all the time. I don’t know if that is how it will always work out. I don’t know how this blog is going to go from week to week to be honest. Jake and his readers are going to ride this train together week by week, just surviving the weeks to enjoy the weekend.   

Very truly yours, 

Jake Thompson