Who’s Who in Beaver Sports: Robert Hawkins

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Who’s Who in Beaver Sports: Robert Hawkins

Emily Kenny

Emily Kenny

Emily Kenny

Emily Kenny, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Robert Hawkins is a junior, digital design and typography major. He comes to BVU from Iowa Central in Fort Dodge; however, Hawkins is originally from Chicago Illinois where he attended James H. Bowen High school. Hawkins will play as a guard for the Buena Vista men’s basketball team.  

At Iowa Central, Hawkins played two seasons for the Tritons. In the 2017-2018 season, he played in 28 games, had 78 rebounds, 26 assists, and 10 steals. Hawkins played as a guard at Iowa central, and he will continue in that position at BVU.  

 Hawkins fell in love with basketball at a young age, when he watched his older brother play the sport.  

 “When I was young, I didn’t have any game systems to play. So, my brother would always make a basketball rim with something. It would either be a hanger, pizza box, or even a crate and our ball would be either a couple socks balled up together, a couple sheets of paper or aluminum foil and it worked out every time,” said Hawkins. “We might’ve made our mother mad at times because of all the stomping but she can see it all worked out.” 

Hawkins said his favorite basketball memory comes from playing AAU basketball. 

 “We had to win all three games with only seven players, we made it happen and we won a trophy,” said Hawkins.  

Hawkins says his older brother, Curtis, and his mother are his biggest influences when it comes to basketball. He mentions that he has more but these two are people that he truly looks up to.  

“My brother Curtis taught me a lot of things when I was young, from how to draw to playing basketball and football, even baseball. He always gave me motivation,” said Hawkins.  

Hawkins said his mother, Debra Hill, is a very strong and hard-working woman. She has helped him attend school away from the city of Chicago and makes everything possible for him, as he lost his father when he was just six years old.  

“The times when it was hard for us, she would always make something work out. No matter what, she’ll always make the impossible, possible,” said Hawkins. “For me to be away from the city and going to school, doing something positive, I know for a fact that she is happy.”  

Todd Lorensen, the men’s head basketball coach, said Hawkins brings a variety of skills to the table for the Beavers such as his athleticism and competitive drive.  

“As a junior college transfer from a very successful program, he has played against high level competition every day in practice as well as game action. He has also played in a lot of big games which is invaluable,” said Lorensen. “Rob is extremely athletic and has the ability to guard multiple positions which is huge for us. He’s a competitive individual which can help the energy level of our practices.”  

Lorensen expects Hawkins to have a significant impact this season on both ends of the floor.  

“We don’t talk about goals from a certain amount of points or rebounds perspective. Our goal for Rob and the team is to steadily improve throughout the season and be playing our best in late January and February,” said Lorensen. 

The men’s team will take on Elmhurst on Saturday, Nov. 14 at home beginning at 3:00 p.m.