Fall Rock Ensemble Takes the Stage

Allyssa Ertz, Arts and Life Editor

The Fall Rock Ensemble concert was held on Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2018, in Anderson Auditorium.  This featured a variety of selections including rock and roll and the blues. 

The Rock Ensemble class is held on Wednesday nights, and students are able to jam out, immersing themselves in their music to see what they come up with to perform.  Deciding what songs to play depends on the semester, and it is up to who is in the course to choose them. 

“Let’s Get It Started” by The Black-Eyed Peas, “1985” by Bowling for Soup, and “Check Yes Juliet” by We the Kings were just three songs that were played by student musicians in the concert. 

Junior music production major Sam McLachlan talked about what his favorite parts of performing were. 

“Looking at Jack, my bass player!  We lock eyes and we’re just kind of like, in the moment, just jamming out,” said McLachlan. 

The class is led by Dr. David Klee, a professor of music at BVU.  Dr. Klee helps in any way that he can but gives the class plenty of leeway to choose what they want to do and perform. 

“The whole point of this ensemble is the process.  They learn so much about the commercial business through the process.  So, they have total rein, I’m just here in case they need me,” says Dr. Klee. 

This course is offered every semester, and Dr. Klee is willing to take in anyone and everyone to explore the music industry with his help.  If you’re interested in performing or singing but may not have a place within your major to do this, the Rock Ensemble class is the perfect way to get your chance to perform! 

One ensemble concert will be performed by another band in the class Friday, Dec. 7 in the Underground.