Cru5h Up & Running


Autumn McClain, Opinion Editor

After several months of anticipation, the new restaurant Cru5h opened at BVU.   The soft opening took place at the end of J-Term 2019.  

“I’ve always wanted to run a restaurant,” said Cru5h Supervisor Kathy Parker. “I love it here. I like being around the students, I like working with some of the students too. It’s just a really laid-back atmosphere, and I hope to be here for a long time.”   

Parker explained that Cru5h currently has nine employees, both full- and part-time, and is looking to hire more employees  in the near future. Brandon Ruiz, a freshman business major and one of those students employed by Cru5h, notes that there are some added benefits to working there.   

“They are very flexible with your schedule,” explained Ruiz. “They understand that being a student is priority. So, they let me do my homework while working when it’s not busy. While we are  working  we get one free meal and when you’re not working you get a 50% discount. They definitely give a lot of benefits.”  

Students were given $10 each the night of the 2019 Super Bowl to be used at Cru5h as part of a SAB event. Grace Meyers, a freshman SAB member, commented on the success of the event.   

“While the service wasn’t extraordinarily fast, as someone who has experience in fast food, with the amount of people in Cru5h that night it was understandable. Considering the number of people, I thought the service was at a reasonable pace.”   

The most popular menu items, according to Parker, have been burgers, wings, and Mexican food.