Who’s Who in Beaver Sports: Nicole Rohner

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Who’s Who in Beaver Sports: Nicole Rohner

Allie Hartman, Sports Photographer

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Nicole Rohner found a love for golf the moment she tried it. Until then, she’d thought it was boring and a waste of time! She credits her high school golf coach for pushing her to sign up to play her junior year of high school. Going out for golf showed her a love for a sport for the first time, and being with her best friends helped her learn how to play.  


Nicole Rohner is a junior from Jefferson, Iowa, where she attended Greene County High School. Rohner has improved her stroke average by 10 strokes and golfed a career low of 92 last season.  


When it comes to her biggest influences, Nicole has a few to thank.  


“The biggest influence I had was my high school golf coach and my best friends. If it weren’t for them, I would be stuck in the same mindset that I had before my junior year of high school. Another would be my boyfriend. He is a big golfer and has golfed forever. He teaches me new tricks and lends me materials to increase my game,” says Rohner.  


Head Coach Janet Berry says that Nicole is a hard worker and an excellent teammate.  


“She is kind, encouraging, and a really hard worker. She is extremely coachable and has improved a lot throughout the year,” says Coach Berry.  


Expectations for Nicole this season have been for her to gain confidence and scores continuing to drop.  Berry has seen consistent improvement from Rohner every single day.


There are so many memories that Rohner has had over the years that made her have such a love for golf. Going out to eat with the team after meets, long car rides, new connections, playing unique courses, and even sneaking out of the hotel are among the countless good memories she has collected throughout her golf experiences.


Many life lessons of Rohner’s come from the game of golf.


“The biggest [thing] I am going to get out of going out for golf at Buena Vista would be to get out of your shell and try new things. You may not be the best, but that is okay, try your best and compete and against nobody but yourself.”