Must-Try Drinks From Grand Central 

Alex Galloway, Assistant Opinion Editor

I don’t know about you, but I’m that person to always get the same drink every time I visit a coffee shop. One of my favorite coffee shops here in SL is Grand Central Coffee Station. My go-to drink there is the sweet dreams latte. However, recently I decided to step out of my comfort zone a little and try new things. I wanted to share some of Grand Central’s best drinks and hopefully encourage you to try something new! 

  1. Avalanche: An espresso drink that can be iced, hot, or blended. It contains white chocolate and a few other sweet flavors that you’ll really enjoy. 
  2. Raspberry Mocha: This one is also an espresso drink that can be iced, hot, or blended! It’s simple: Hershey’s chocolate with some raspberry. You can even get it with white chocolate instead! 
  3. Blue Typhoon: This is a sweet tasting lemonade with one of the flavors being blue raspberry! All you have to do is add kiwi, strawberry, or mango popping pearls and it’s amazing.  
  4. Black or Raspberry Iced Tea with a shot of Raspberry Flavoring: You can add popping pearls to this one too! 
  5. Mangonada: Topped with fresh mangos from Valentina’s, these will really make your mouth water! 
  6. Cookie Doodle: This warm house coffee is delicious by itself, and only gets better with some cream or white chocolate. 
  7. Vanilla Chai Tea: This is my favorite drink! You can get it iced or hot. I always get it sugar free and iced. It’s even better if you add an espresso shot! 
  8. Sweet Dreams Latte: This is another one of my favorites! It’s a combination of caramel and a nutty flavor. 
  9. Starburst Lemonade: This drink reminds me of summer. It’s a mix of a few starburst flavors and it’s pretty delicious! 
  10. Strawberry and Blueberry Smoothie: I just discovered this AMAZING drink this week. If you’re looking for a sweet smoothie, the strawberry and blueberry go so well together. I promise you won’t be disappointed!