Who’s Who in Beaver Sports: Katie Voortmann 

Allie Hartman, Sports Photographer

Katie Voortmann fell in love with soccer when she re-joined the sport at her high school.  

I actually quit playing soccer in 6th grade and wasn’t planning on even participating in high school until one of my coaches approached me and said they were looking for a goalkeeper! I didn’t want to go out, but I knew I had experience and thought I would give it a try,”  says Voortmann.  “I would say it was a blessing in disguise because I ended up re-falling in love with the game.”

Voortmann, a senior from Mason City, Iowa, has played on the BVU soccer team all four years of college. In her senior season, she switched from goalkeeper to midfielder. Last season, Voortmann had a season high of fourteen saves on her home turf against Loras. 

In his first season as head coach, Benton Frayne says Katie’s work ethic and determination are her biggest contribution to her team. 

As a coach, I have probably asked the most out of Katie. I asked her to change positions.  She had played as a goalkeeper the first three years here at BVU.  This is a complete one eighty in our sport,”  Frayne says.  “In order to make the switch, she had to work extremely hard in the off-season to come in fit.  Which she did, and I asked her to play ninety minutes.  I believe that work ethic and determination is what Katie contributes to the team.  I asked a lot out of her and she didn’t disappoint.”

Voortmann’s favorite soccer memory comes just from last year. She saved a penalty kick against Loras with all odds against her in terms of weather conditions. The wind threatened to impact her gameplay, but Voortman took the terrible weather conditions that day as a challenge. She was ecstatic with her final accomplishment.

High school coach Whitney Peterson comes back to mind when Voortman is asked about her biggest influence in soccer.

My first-year playing was her first year of coaching. She always believed in me when I struggled to believe in myself and was always willing to give me a pep-talk or be someone I could talk soccer with. We have kept in touch even after high school for soccer and life advice,”  Voortman adds.

With season near halfway through, Frayne touches on their work on Katie’s vocal leadership in the center of the field.  According to him, Katie will need to continuously put forth the same consistent effort, playing ninety minutes a game. Learning different formations in facing opposing teams has been a new addition to Voortman’s soccer knowledge due to the position change. He plans to continue working with her to continuously develop vocal skills and help her grow with each game, one at a time.

As for Voortman, she looks forward to seeing how the team progresses and how they work as a unit to further develop their soccer IQ.

I am looking forward to seeing how our team progresses and works as a unit to develop our soccer IQ. I have also switched from being a goalkeeper and now play as a midfielder. I hope to continue to be able to work on my skills and bring energy and positivity for the team,”  smiles Voortman.

Be sure to catch Voortman and the rest of the Lady Beavers Soccer squad back in conference play on Saturday at home against Dubuque at 1 p.m.