Who’s Who in Beaver Sports: Colby Laughlin

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Who’s Who in Beaver Sports: Colby Laughlin

Allie Hartman, Sports Photographer

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Colby Laughlin first found a love for football while playing catch in the front yard with his dad and brother, Dylan.


“We would go out and run routes against each other after watching the Chargers game with the rest of the family,” Laughlin remembers.


Laughlin is a junior Exercise Science major from Sergeant Bluff, Iowa where he attended Sergeant Bluff-Luton high school. This season he is a wide receiver for the Buena Vista University Football team.


In his last three seasons with the Beavers, Laughlin has played three different positions. He has worked hard learning what he can about his new positions and put in a lot of effort. 


“Colby has contributed to the program in a number of ways over his career. He has started games as a running back, a linebacker, and now this year as a wide receiver,” says Head Football Coach Grant Mollring.  


Last season with the Beavers, Colby had a season high 12 tackles in the game at Concordia University. He recorded 39 solo tackles throughout the 2018 season. This season, Laughlin has had one receiving touchdown on the season throughout the first four games and plays a big threat out on the field.  


Laughlin’s favorite football memory relates back to earlier this season.  


I would have to go with a recent one with our comeback win vs. Concordia. It wasn’t even necessarily the biggest game of my career, but being there with all of my teammates celebrating a missed field goal like we just won the Super Bowl is something I will never forget,” he smiles.  


Biggest influence? 100% without a doubt, his father.


“Everything I do, every decision I make, was influenced in some way by what he taught me growing up. My family is the most important thing to me but earning my father’s respect and making him proud of me, has always been one of the most influential factors leading to my decision making,” he adds.


Mollring says his expectations for Colby are that he continues to work hard, sacrifices for the team, and continues to develop as a receiver. The change for Laughlin to a receiver was a spring decision and he has done everything he can to learn what he can about the new position. Mollring credits Laughlin with always giving his best effort and putting the team first with a fun-loving, but focused, attitude.


“We’re a family around here and I think we have kind of gotten away from that in the last couple of weeks. I want to be there to make plays for my boys and know and trust that they all want the same thing,” Laughlin looks forward. He is excited for the Beavers to get back on track.


Watch Laughlin [#21] and the rest of the Beaver Football team in action against Wartburg at 1 p.m. on Oct. 5 for Family Weekend.