Is It Ever Too Early For Christmas?


Graphic by: Ella Wiebusch

Isabel Haas, Opinion Editor

As someone who looks for every excuse to hang up holiday decorations, or frost the appropriate holiday sugar cookie, I am not opposed to stores lining their shelves with holiday décor a bit early! From the month of October to the beginning of January, I am in the spirit of celebrating some of my favorite holidays!  

Although there are many holidays within that three-month time period, Christmas seems to take up the most attention in the shops and homes of people around the world. From never ending Christmas albums being played, to Walmart decorating the exterior of their stores to match the Christmas spirit, the December holiday gets a considerable amount of recognition. 

As I am a lover of all things holiday-esque, I do think that there is a more appropriate time to celebrate Christmas, rather than the start of November. Although I am not someone to chastise a person on their choice to play Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You, the day after Halloween, I do think that November 1st is a bit early to start celebrating. 

I believe have this unpopular opinion because of how much I enjoy Thanksgiving, where I take great pride in eating more food in one meal, then I will in an average day. When I was younger, Thanksgiving was also a time where I would spend the holiday break on the shores of South Padre Island in Texas with my family, eating turkey sandwiches and enjoying each other’s company. In addition to Thanksgiving, I also love to celebrate Hanukkah. As someone who has celebrated lighting the menorah since I was little, I will always take time to celebrate Hanukkah separately.  

There are so many amazing points throughout the year that should be recognized and celebrated, and although I don’t think it should be a crime to start decorating for Christmas in October, I do think that everyone should take the time to enjoy every holiday and every celebration throughout the year. 

So, this year be sure to make a paper, hand-drawn turkey, honor those who have passed on Dia de los Muertos, light a menorah, and even celebrate Kwanzaa, because there are many things to enjoy throughout the next few months!