Jadyn’s Blog: Managing Life As A Student Athlete


Ella Wiebusch

Jadyn Andersen, Contributing Writer

Hey guys! Finally deciding to post my first blog and to get this up and running. I would like to start and say thank you to everyone who has followed my account and is showing me support! Throughout my blogging I can always use ideas, if you ever come up with an idea for me to talk about or want me to talk about just comment or message me! I’m always open to new ideas! To kick it off, the first thing I will be blogging about is the life of a student athlete and time management. I am a very organized person, so when it comes to my daily activities, I like to have my day planned out at least 1-2 days before it happens. Every Sunday night, I will sit down and plan out my week. Taking notes on what homework I have due when, writing down my class times, when I will eat, practice time, rehab and studying time. Some weeks I like to be more organized and I will even work in a nap to my schedule if it is needed. As a college athlete, I have to get 5 hours a week in the Center for Academic Excellence each week and its actually not as bad as you may think. Some people totally dread having to go in there, but I actually don’t mind it because I am able to sit down and work on my homework in a quiet area. Now that you know the basics of why I like to be as organized I would like to provide you provide you guys with some tips.  Here is a list of how to become organized as a student-athlete or even just a student in general.  

  1. Buy a planner. If a planner isn’t for you, try it out. One of my close friends isn’t the planner type like me so I help her plan out her day to day routine. Start by having a piece of paper and splitting up your day into the hours of an average day. This will allow you to figure out your free time and figure out when its best for you to work on homework. 
  2. Figure out your daily routine. Start by putting down the times you have class, when you normally eat and when you work out or have practice. Once you have your basics listed for each day of the week it is easier to plan our activities that are done during the week. You will now better be able to figure out when you should do laundry, clean, study, have meetings, take a nap and when to make a grocery run.  
  3. Color coding: By color coding your planner it will be a clear representation of what you will be doing and where you will be spending your time. Start by color coding into groups: when you have class, practice, eating and free time.  
  4. Make time to eat. We are all busy, were student and we feel flustered sometimes like we never have enough time to study and workout. Without food we won’t be able to function to our highest capability, so make sure you make time to eat three times a day. If you’re not a breakfast person at least try and eat something small. This will at least get your brain up and going and will be a great way to start your day.  
  5. Sleep: without sleep you will not be able to fully function. The average college student should get 6-8 hours of sleep. It’s best to try and fall asleep around the same time every night and wake up around the same time too. Naps should be no longer than 30 minutes. When you take a longer nap you will actually wake up feeling more tired. I’m guilty of taking hour long naps too but it’s something you have to adjust yourself to. 
  6. Make time for you. School can be stressful, so it is important to have you time. Take time every day to do something you enjoy. Draw, journal, organize, walk, bake or really just anything that you enjoy and something that makes you stress free.  
  7. Make time to talk with those you love. Life can be busy but always make time to reach out to your parents. Take time to thank them for supporting you and getting you this far. Reach out to your best friend and allow them to come to you when they need it. 

Now that I have discussed some ways to juggle the life of a student athlete and ways to stay organized, it’s key to stay consistent. Find a way that works for you, try multiple ways until you figure out what you like. Remember to stay true to you and not change who you are.