Local Valentines Date Ideas: Beaver Edition



Hannah Kramer, Arts and Life Editor

As January comes to an end students stumble their way back onto Buena Vista University’s campus, J-term comes to a close and spring semester begins as February rolls around. With February comes the one and only holiday; Valentine’s Day, AKA V-Day.  

As children, Valentine’s Day meant getting mini valentines for your friends with the addition of candy, a classroom party and red heart décor. Now as adults in college Valentine’s Day takes on a whole new meaning or even no meaning at all. For many, celebrating this holiday means bringing on the flowers, valentine cards, stuffed animals, chocolate and the whole cliché of many expectations. As well as the big V-Day date!  

“A Valentine’s date can be something as simple as staying at home [in your dorm or suite] in pajamas, eating greasy food like pizzaice cream and cuddled up watching a movie. Or even going out to eat at Regattas and going on a walk by the lake,” Katie Gruhn stated.  

Going to see a movie or doing something fun and going to dinner after [is the perfect date], Lane Jellison suggested. 

Going out to dinner is a great date idea for V-Day. Restaurants such as La Juanitas, Regattas or even Smokin’ Hereford BBQ are all wonderful local places to go. The standard movie date is also a easy go to as well. Movies such as Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, Dolittleand Just Mercy are all being shown at the Vista 3 theatre here in town.  

Walking across the lake to explore the island [would be a good date idea],” Jellison added 

If you and your significant other are feeling a little more adventurous going bowling in Alta, roller-skating here in town, walking up and down the main street down town and shopping, stopping by the local bakery, ice skating on the lake with skates you’ve rented from the Rec House, or even“Wreaking havoc in Walmart,” as Tillie Heithoff suggested are all decent local date ideas as well.  

However V-Day isn’t just for your significant other, celebrating with your friends is just as fun if not better!  

“Valentine’s Day can be a happy time, but no one should worry about whether or not to feel pressured to be in a relationship. Just have fun whether you got a significant other or just your friends!,” Gruhn expressed.  

One last local date suggestion would be attending the Coffee and Canvas that the Witter Gallery is hosting this Saturday, February 15th. From 11:00 to 12:30 you can enjoy painting and drinking coffee with the person or people you want to spend your time with. For only $10 per person and registering before February 12th, it covers all materials for your hour and a half of fun. For more information you can visit the Witter Gallery’s Facebook page or even Buena Vista University Art & Design’s Facebook page.  

So whether you’re single, in a relationship or it’s just complicated there’s plenty to do this Valentine’s Day here in Strom Lake. Spending time with whoever you want to on VDay while enjoying the local amenities is a great way to go about this upcoming Friday and following weekend. Now that you have date ideas squared away, the only thing you need to worry about is asking that special beaver if they wood be your valentine.