Jadyn’s Blog: Buying Love and Happiness

Jadyn Andersen, Contributing Writer

Have you ever thought that by using the power of money you would be able to buy love or happiness from or for someone? Well today I will be talking about exactly why that is not true. Firstly money cannot buy happiness. Whether you use your money to buy something that you’ve been dreaming of having such as a new television, that new television will only make your happiness temporary! You will constantly be thinking about what’s new and better…what’s the next best thing you can buy?  

Pope Francis once said “when one lives attached to money, pride or power, it is impossible to be truly happy.” Money cannot buy love…and I cannot stress this enough. Love is supposed to be an emotional connection between two people. The bond requires investment, faith, goodwill etc. Ultimately money doesn’t fit into the process of a bond forming.

Money may make things easier such as being able to afford that fancy restaurant when going out to eat but that is all. A relationship shouldn’t be built off of the material items your partner gives to you, it should be built off of love and compassion.  

Challenge yourself to do something that can make you happy without the cost of using money. By challenging yourself you will discover that money truly cannot buy love or happiness.