Cheap Spring Break Ideas

Chase Winterboer, Contributing Writer

On average, Americans spend $1,817.70 on spring break each year. They enjoy one week during March to put away their hard-working lives to enjoy vacation with friends and family. Places like Florida and the southern parts of the United States are popular destinations for traveling to a beach getting a tan. Who wouldn’t enjoy bragging to their friends about the experience they had? However, there could be an alternative for families to enjoy a week off while saving money at the same time!  

People tend to think of spring break as in traveling down south to a warmer weathered place. It is great bathing in the warm weather, but a cheaper option could be taking a one-day trip to a place you have never seen before. This option still allows you to take a vacation with your family or friends and enjoy a place you have never been before. It is also effective because you save an extravagant amount more money. Rather than paying for a week of overnight expenses, you could result in only paying for one night. It doesn’t matter where the destination is if you make it fun! 

Another opportunity you can jump on if you enjoy sports consists of going to a basketball game or tournament! March is the prime month for college basketball, and there are plenty of experiences to enjoy games with your friends and family! My favorite option resulting in absolutely no money spent contains of inviting your friends over to watch a game. In the past, I have set up three televisions in my basement to watch the basketball games and invited my friends over to hang out watching them all day. This has always been one of my favorite ideas because I get to enjoy basketball with my friends but also don’t take a hit from my pockets. Lastly, this idea can create a ritual you can experience every year.  

Another cheap idea could be spending a week enjoying your favorite hobby. Examples of this could vary from reading a collection of books, playing videogames all day with your friends, or even making your own music. Spring break consists of having fun and literally having a break! Enjoy your hobbies and avoid working as much as possible. Taking a break from life and work doesn’t happen often, so enjoy a week of your hobbies. It doesn’t come around often where you can spend a week being a kid again.  

The last cheap innovative way you can spend spring break can be a time to be with your family. As a college student, I love finding deals and ways to save money. What is a better way to save money than to let your parents take care of your expenses? They would be excited to hang out with their kid and more than likely will either take you on a trip or out to eat. It’s also a simple idea because they could take care of your laundry and dishes if you were nice enough to them. Remember always be polite to your parents.  

There are plenty of other exciting cheap ideas spring breakers can enjoy, and these are only a couple. The main ideas consist of enjoying your hobbies, taking a one-day trip, and lastly avoid working. Spring break is meant to relax and have fun. Enjoy time with friends and family while make lasting memories in an inexpensive way.