Monday Motivation: Stress Relief

Jadyn Andersen, Staff Writer

Monday’s might just take the number one spot as worst day of the week. As you look ahead into the week all you can think about is everything that has to be accomplish and get done within the next seven days, which can be very stressful. The list of to-dos begins to build up and stress levels begin to riseHowever, Monday’s should be tackled with excitement and recollection on everything you had accomplished in the last week. If you dread Monday’s as much as me then here are some stress reliving tips for studying to help get you through this week. 

  1. In order to stay in check with everything you need to get accomplished first make a to-do list and tackle one thing at a time. If you attempt to work on more than one assignment or alternate between various activities, you may lose track of what exactly you’re working on and need to get doneBy making a to-do list your focus will be greater along with being better with time management. 
  2. When taking notes in class color code! When taking notes in class, if you color code you will be able to know which information is all clustered together allowing you to remember the information better and making your studying less stressful.
  3. If you write in a certain color pen be consistent and use that same color on your test and you will then have a greater chance of remembering the information. Remember when studying that repetition is key. Write the information you’re learning down multiple times so that you have a greater chance to remember it 
  4. Another strategy is to say your information out loud or come up with a saying or acronym to keep it in your head.  
  5. One thing I’ve realized that helps me focus best is when I have a scheduled study time which i base on when i work best and can stay concentrated. I work best between 6-10 pm…so I consistently work on my homework between those hours rather than in the middle of the day. 
  6. In order to achieve greatness in classes it’s important know what learning style works best for you. I am a visual learner, so I tend to draw and write my notes in color which allows me to retain information better and in the long run perform better in my classes.  
  7. When studying it is very important to take breaks…do not try and sit for 3-4 hours straight! Trust me you need time for your brains to rest, occasionally take a 5-minute break so you don’t get stressed out.  
  8. Keep your phone faced down if you can so that you don’t get distracted. By doing this you will be able to get more done rather than sitting on Tik Tok for countless hours.  
  9. Have a buddy or small group for each of your classes so that you are able to study with people as well as have someone to go to when you need to ask questions.  
  10. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your peers or teacher when it comes to questions or you’re unsure about something. They are there to help you in whichever way they can.  

Hopefully these helpful tips will relieve some of the stress you accumulate when it comes to studying and they allow you to have less stress and gain control of what you’re learning and improve your memory. Remember Monday’s don’t always have to be the worst day of the week. Make a to-do list for your week and gain control of your life. By following these tips, you will become a stronger and more efficient student who does not let stress get in the way of their learning.