Irritation and Endless Love

Jadyn Andersen, Staff Writer

If you’re like me and have younger siblings, then you know what its liked to feel like you’re constantly pulling your hair out with frustration and irritation. Growing up it was my sister who is two years younger than me. That’s it, just two of us….simple enough right?

Well, in 2016 I had the best news of my life that I would be gaining four more siblings. My mom’s now fiancé would be bringing in two boys and two girls and I was honestly a little nervous about the idea, however excitement still came to my mind.  

I am the oldest of 6, with a 16-year-old sister, 12-year-old brother, 10-year-old brother, 5-year-old sister, and a 3-year-old sister. My house can get very crazy to the point where sometimes I just have to get away, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  

I believe that as the older sibling I have gained more values as well as respect for my family as well as myself. By being the older sibling, I know that I have the responsibilities to take care and mentor my younger siblings to be the best that they can be. I know that if make a bad decision in my life that they could choose to follow in my footsteps. 

I believe that by being the older sibling that I get a better viewpoint when living my life. I am the leader, I’m the one that they’re looking up. Whether I want them to or not my siblings will in some way live their life based on how I live mine.

Since I am the oldest there of course is always some competition when it comes to things such as academics and even grades but it’s all out of love. My sister Julia who is close in age with me tends to butt heads frequently with me. By growing up with her by my side, I always had someone to keep me in check as well as share a closet, by share a closet I mean I steal like half of her clothes.  

I believe that by being the older sibling I have more advantages. I know that normally people say that the youngest child has it easiest because they tend to give up near the end however I feel as if I had it easiest. My parents will definitely be worn out by the time they reach my youngest sibling but the ones in the middle will have a tougher time if you ask me.  

Going to college away from my siblings is definitely heart breaking. Knowing that I’m missing out on all the little moments in their life and watching them grow and learn and try new things is hard to not be apart of. Knowing I am missing my brothers first football games, my little sister getting sent off to kindergarten and my other sister competing in some of her last soccer games is hard to wrap my head around, but it’s the little things that push me to keep working hard at my home away from home. I know that when I surprise them by coming home for a weekend or a birthday that it’s the little moments that will mean the most.  

To those of you who have younger siblings, I know they can get on your nerves and irritate you and push you to the max but remember and cherish the little moments with them. There will come a time when you’ll no longer be able to hug them everyday and pick them up from school asking them all about their day. You’ll miss out on the little things but they know how proud you are and then when you see them you’ll get to hear all the amazing things they’ve accomplished. 

Being the older sibling definitely has its perks but missing out on some of your siblings most important moments is the worst. Love them endlessly and continue to be an amazing role model so that they can grow up just like you and say who they learned it from.