The Glass Slipper Shop: For A Good Cause    


Tawney Schreier

Jolee Linden, Staff Writer

Are you looking for the perfect dress? The Glass Slipper Shop might just be where you find it! The Glass Slipper Shop is a dress donation program. Tawney Schreier, the organizer of this year’s event, and BVU’s student organization Student MOVE has worked hard this season to tag over 730 dresses, but overall the team has sorted through over 1000 dresses of all kinds.

The Glass Slipper shop takes place on Friday, February 28 from 6pm to 8pm and Saturday, February 29 from 10am to 2pm.  

The Glass Slipper Shop supplies all sorts of dresses.   

“We have homecoming dresses, formal dresses, bridesmaids’ dresses, prom dresses, and wedding dresses. Any formal dress needs we probably have something,” Schreier said.  

Tawney Shreier

All these dresses are donated from local stores and other stores in surrounding areas. People in the community can also donate dresses as well. 

The Glass Slipper Shop is open for anybody to come on the two dates mentioned above. The Glass Slipper Shop has worked very closely with the Storm Lake High School and set up private shopping dates for high school students just this past week 

We encourage those who come to get a dress to donate to CAASA, but if someone needs a dress, we never let them leave without one,” Schreier mentioned. 

 CAASA (Centers Against Abuse & Sexual Assault) “provides free and confidential services to those impacted by sexual abuse.” The Glass Slipper Shop crew understands the importance of giving back especially since they work with individuals from all sorts of backgrounds and situations. 

Tawney Shreier

Schreier’s favorite part about planning the event this year was working with the Student MOVE group, but she is also so excited for the open houses and to work with all the individuals that show up to the event this next weekend. Their Facebook page has been getting lots of messages from people who are super excited to be involved in this great program. If you have any questions regarding The Glass Slipper Shop feel free to send a message to the Facebook page. The team is excited for the upcoming weekend and cannot wait to see how many beautiful dresses they are able to provide for so many great people. The extra and duplicated dresses will be donated to Goodwill after the event is finished!   

To donate to or volunteer for CAASA visit the website listed below!