Super Secret Study Spots: Uncovered

Lena Gripp, Assistant Opinion Editor

Whether it’s for an early-morning study group, a few minutes between classes, or an all-nighter, BVU offers several comfortable places that make great homework and study spots.  Over my years here, I’ve found a few of my own favorite places.  In May, I’ll be graduating, and I’m hoping that this list of my favorite study places might inspire underclassmen to give them a try! 

Best spot for DIGIs 

Now, I promise that my other locations won’t be as specific, but I’d like to dive in with my favorite spot for DIGIs, and anyone who ventures into Lage.  My favorite place in Lage to work on homework, often between DIGI classes or meetings, is in the chairs on the main floor, inside the far, northeast entrance, around the corner to the right.  These two comfy chairs provide a great place to sit while you prop your computer up on your lap and get to work.  

Best spot for anyone 

If you live on campus, you have a dorm room or suite.  Those who live in dorms share lounges with the people on their floor, and suites each have their own lounge.  Take advantage of these!  While lounges are obviously a great place to hang out with your friends, but they also make great places to work on your homework, because we all know how distracting working in our own rooms can be.  And don’t forget to invite your commuter friends, too! 

Best spot for small groups 

My favorite place for small-group work is the couches outside the library in the Forum.  The couches and chairs with a small coffee table in the middle are a perfect setup for small groups.  Meeting on these couches in the mornings with study groups for exams is a very convenient location.  It’s kind of a middle-ground area for those coming from each of the residential halls and being so close to the Common Grounds coffee shop early in the morning isn’t so bad either!   

Best spot for 2-partner groups 

The best place I’ve found for 2-partner groups is again, right outside of the coffee shop!  The tall tables found there provide just enough space for a couple of people, their computers, and a few extra items.  Plus, again, you’ve got easy access if you need a little pick-me-up from Common Grounds.   

Best spot for lots of room to spread materials out 

When you’ve got a lot to accomplish in one night with a lot of different materials, I’ve found one place that can fit them all.  Take a trip into the library and find an available, long table on the main floor.  I know that I like to spread a lot of my stuff out when I work.  I’ve got my computer, planner, notebook, pencil case, books, and sometimes even my phone and/or iPad out for extra reading space or digital note-taking.  I need lots of space to work.  If this sounds like you, too, then the big tables on the main floor of the library are where you need to be!   

Best spot for quiet, singular work 

Another great place to work in the library is in the upstairs cubicles.  Sometimes you just need to be on your own to get your work done, with no distractions.  When I have a night like this, I know that this location is where I need to be.  Even if you go to the library with a friend, these cubicles are perfect, private little spaces that can help keep you focused on your work. 

Best spot for groups of friends 

My favorite place to work on homework, study, and work on projects with my friends is in the GSLC.  The GSLC offers a cozy atmosphere where you can work on what you need to, but also feel free to be social with your friends.  It’s not like the library where you need to be quiet.  Everyone who falls asleep in the giant beanbag chair should know by now that they have a chance of being woken up by a round of Pit or Killer Uno Flip.  The GSLC also offers many tables for your work, comfortable seating, and a plethora of electrical outlets on the walls and the long, conference table.

I hope that this list inspires you to try out different spots around campus and find the best spot that works for you!