How COVID-19 Helped Me Get Off My Phone and Into Some Fresh Air

Jadyn Andersen, Staff Writer

As COVID-19 is keeping the world on its toes, it has allowed me to take some reflection time. Yesterday my Grandma and I chose to go to downtown Omaha and take a walk on the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. As this is a normally busy area we were unsure of how many people would be there but with the nice weather we expected a decent amount. As we began walking we noticed people in the moment, communicating with one another and not breaking their necks staring at their phones. As a millennial, growing up around technology was expected and I was constantly around it. From having a laptop for school, a phone for personal use as well as an iPad, I almost rely on the use of technology and internet.

Walking around and seeing people talking and laughing while getting some fresh air and not seeing a phone in sight was honestly an amazing experience for me to see. On an average day I will see people on their phones constantly, whether at dinner, driving, walking… anywhere! We have all adapted to the social norm of having phones in our hands.

COVID-19 has skyrocketed, taking away things we hoped we’d never have to see disappear, such as: Graduations, proms and even in-class learning. We are all adapting to the new normal. Society is used to being stressed, used to working constantly and feeling as if there is always something more that must be done.

Getting out of the house yesterday and taking a walk allowed me to reflect on what is hardly reflected on. Life is too short to not take time and appreciate what is right in front of us. I’m guilty of spending countless hours on my phone when I know I could be doing something more productive then watching Tik-Toks or scrolling through twitter. I know I could do something with myself, yet I still sit on my phone, losing track of time. Is this what society has come to?

Seeing people talking and having an actual conversation without a phone in sight. Seeing people getting outside with their loved ones. Taking a walk and getting the fresh air they need to just relax and enjoy the moment. I believe that maybe this is what we all needed, maybe we needed a crisis like this to all really take a minute and reflect on how much time we spend on technology when we could be outside enjoying our days and time with loved ones. After yesterday I certainly will be watching myself more carefully and motivating myself to get up and try something new that doesn’t involve my phone.