The Benefits of Bullet Journaling


Savannah Davis, Contributing Writer

Five Ways Bullet Journaling Can Benefit Your Mental Health 

Mental health has been a common social discussion for a long time. Fortunately, there is a vast range of activities for individuals who experience mental health problems to help them overcome their struggles. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many college students and faculty have had an overwhelming amount of extra time on their hands. Having long open gaps of time can lead to overthinkingstressful internal thoughts, and dire need to feel productive. An activity such as bullet journaling has been found to be one of the best daily activities to help manage mental health. 

What is bullet journaling?  

Bullet journaling is an activity that is designed to help us plan out our lives. It can help keep track of thoughts, important dates, habits, feelings and lists. Additionally, bullet journaling can be used as an opportunity to document ideas and opinions during different periods of time. Bullet journaling can be used for various purposes such as expressing creativity and planning. However, it all depends on what an individual would like to get out of it. 


What are the benefits of bullet journaling? Let’s dive into it! 


Managing Stress

Bullet journaling can help organize thoughts, especially when they may feel overwhelming. For most college students, an average day is jam-packed with a plentiful to-do list. Through-out the day, it can be helpful to take a short break and organize thoughts in a bullet journal. Spending thirty minutes drawing pretty flowers or even designing a monthly journal cover can provide an escape from the constant worry and stress of college life. Taking the focus away from actual work and staying productive through journaling can be refreshing. After a session of bullet journaling, the brain has had some time to process and organize restless thoughts 


Everyone always has something that they can be doing. Whether it be daily, weekly or monthly tasks, making lists is for everybody! What better way to do it, then in a cute journal that has detailed checkmark boxes and colorful unique pictures drawn all over it? These personalized lists can not only help someone remember that they have things to do but also can help motivate them to get things done orderly and efficiently. 

Tackling Long-Term Goals 

Who doesn’t love daydreaming a little bit? Sometimes personal and professional goals can be lengthy. It is good to document the smaller steps that need to be taken in order to reach them. Keeping track of the smaller goals adding up to the bigger ones can really make a person feel accomplished. Nothing feels better than finishing something that you have been working on for a long time. 

Creative Thinking 

When some individuals get older, they can lose the creativity that they once had. Bullet journaling is all about expanding thoughts and ideas and promote creative thinking. This creativity can be expressed through monthly covers, mood trackers, music playlists, favorite doodles, etc.  

It is something new and easy to learn      

Bullet journaling can be for anybody! Anyone can learn to organize weekly tasks, track positive habits, and motivate themselves to keep going each day. All anyone really needs is a journal, colorful writing utensils, creative imagination, and overall motivation. Owning a bullet journal can be life-changing. College students, especially, and customize the experience to their own individual needs. 


So, grab a notebook, pick up a pen, and start journaling!