Welcoming STUNT to BVU Athletics


Abby Clark, Staff

As of the start of the 2022 fall semester, BVU has become the first university in the state of Iowa to add this emerging sport of STUNT to its cheer and dance program.  

Cheer, Dance, and STUNT Head Coach Kezia Molinsky

What does the season to come look like? STUNT is a competition-based program, so the team plans to compete in three tournaments this spring, every other week around the Midwest. Cheer, Dance, and STUNT Head Coach Kezia Molinsky explained, “A competition for STUNT is called a “game.”

According to stuntthesport.org, “STUNT is an exciting head-to-head game between two teams who execute skills-based routines in various categories – partner stunts, jumps & tumbling, pyramids & tosses, and team routines.” Unlike traditional sports, STUNT is allowed to compete against not just D3 but against all divisions enrolled in the tournaments.

Athletic Director Scott Brown said, “Any time we can provide an additional experience to our students and our student athletes, we are going to take that opportunity.”  

Associate Director of Athletics and Cheer Administrative Supervisor Amy Maier added, “It gives us another opportunity to recruit athletes from many different backgrounds whether that’s cheer, STUNT, or gymnastics and provides an opportunity that they might not otherwise have.” 

STUNT is sometimes stereotyped as sideline cheer when it is actually completely different. The sport is based on athletic technique and specific formations and less on dance movements. In addition, the visual aspect of most cheer is sparkly bows, skirts, and pom poms; whereas, STUNT does not have any of that. “STUNT takes out the crowd leading, chanting, and dancing aspects. It is based on the technical skills of cheer and gymnastics. It has lifts and tosses and gymnastics portions, but you’re not going to be wearing skirts and bows and getting judged on appearance. It’s based purely on how you do the athletic portions,” said Molinsky.

According to the coach, adding STUNT to the cheer program has led to a change in the dynamic within the team.  

Senior Bailey Houston agreed and said, “Everyone is a little nervous and a little hesitant but still excited. It has helped change the team’s attitude from selfish to selfless. Unlike other typical cheer routines where there are only specific spots for specific people, with the switch to STUNT there is more inclusion which is making more people happier because everyone has a role.” 

Not only has the dynamic changed but the goals of the team seem to be evolving as well. “My biggest goal is that they learn to love it and see the value of it so their friends and family can understand what it is they are doing and gain some respect for that,” said Molinsky.