The Transmedicalist Rabbit Hole

Andrew Fox, Staff

Transmedicalism, ever heard of it? The group of people who separate themselves from “transtrenders?” One of the groups that have separated the LGBTQ+ community, especially our transgender/transsexual community? Probably not. 

As someone who is part of the transgender community, and once was a transmedicalist, I’ll lead the way in this spiraling community. 

First off, what do the terms “transmedicalist” and “transtrender” mean? Also, what does it mean to be transgender or transsexual?  

For our base knowledge, transgender is an umbrella term for those who do not identify with their assigned gender at birth (this includes not just binary people but nonbinary people). Transsexual is an outdated term typically used by the older trans community and tends to be seen as only the binary. 

Transmedicalists, on the other hand, are a group of transgender people that believe it is required to have gender dysphoria to be trans. Some even exclude nonbinary people, as they only see the binary two genders. Those who don’t experience gender dysphoria and still identify as transgender are called “transtrenders” by the transmedicalist community. 

Now, one might agree with the transmedicalist side in that to be transgender, you must have something wrong with you medically/mentally and there are not more than two genders as we are taught in basic biology class. There are also famous transgender influencers that back or have backed this up, including Blaire White, Kalvin Garrah, and Storm Ryan. 

But what if I told you science states a different truth? 

You don’t necessarily need gender dysphoria to be transgender, according to Planned Parenthood, nor is gender dysphoria a mental illness. Gender dysphoria is very common amongst the trans community, though it can range from extreme to none over the course of one’s lifetime. 

So, why the falsehoods?  

It was how we’ve been raised to get the approval of the heterosexual cisgender (cishet) society.  

Transmedicalists feel the need to gain the approval of others, even those who are transphobic, to prove that they themselves are trans enough and that they pass and blend in with society without changing the situation that causes them issues. 

Blaire White herself falls into the definition of a transmedicalist. She appeals to society as it is now, even leaning on the conservative side of things. She is even a journalist for The Post Millennial, a conservative Canadian online news magazine. She also believes that one must want a medical transition to be trans and must have gender dysphoria.   

Similarly, Kalvin Garrah is an actual transmedicalist and has engaged with the community, having made fun of other YouTubers, calling them “transtrenders,” in turn, causing a lot of harm to the LGBTQ+ community, breaking it up further. 

At one point, I followed both people and identified as a transmedicalist. In a way, it was to appeal to my family at the time who leaned on the conservative side of gender and sexuality, even though this had ruined some of my closest friendships in the long run.  

My ideology at the time as a transmedicalist was only supported more by these influencers that fell for this false information and enforced it. Once I did some more digging into transgender studies, I learned how fluid gender and sexuality could be.  

I reconnected with friends that told me why they felt the way they felt about gender and sexuality. It helped me reconsider my actions and the negative impact they had, not only on them but on the community and the truth. 

Now, no one should explain their gender and sexuality identity to change a person’s opinion — only disclose that information if you’re comfortable with it — but the mere fact that false information can not only affect your worldview but your relationships should worry you. 

So, how do we avoid false information, especially if you are a young LGBTQ+ person who is quite easy to influence? 

Well, check your sources with other sources and make sure to check that organization’s background. Ask yourself: Who are they? What are their certifications? What do they gain if you read this article/blog? 

Also, not all sources you find will back up your opinions. Looking for sources that only support your view will lead you down a path of more lies. As I see it, one lie can grow into multiple and keep going, just like how one entertaining video that seemed to promise me acceptance from my family and their understanding dragged me down the transmedicalist rabbit hole. 

What you read or watch always has some promise. Whether it be the newest iPhone invention or scientific breakthrough, it might ask for something in return. If it’s nothing, stay skeptical, as a majority of the time, news and information aren’t free. 

Finally, don’t just stick to one source. Find yourself multiple sources to help you decipher the truth, as nothing is without some sort of bias.